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Sage Certified Training

Your Sage software product isn’t worth what you paid for it if you don’t know how to properly use it. You can’t expect the results you want if your organization has not been adequately trained.

To assure the availability of comprehensive and uniform training, Sage offers Certified Training through reseller operated Authorized Training Centers and Certified Trainers who instruct using a standard curriculum and course materials provided by Sage.

Accept no substitute!

trainingcertificateAny Sage reseller may offer training but don't think that it is the same as our Sage Certified Training courses.

Here are some of the differences of training with MBA.
  1. Student to Teacher Ratio 4:1 max per class. (This does not apply to dedicated customer classes)
  2. Each student has a workstation, specific to them, to use during the training class.
  3. Teacher can monitor workstations while training to make sure that all students are following along and understand the material. (This includes remote training)
  4. Sage course material is used to make sure that the training is consistent and complete for the module being trained on.
  5. Exam at the end of the class to confirm that the student understands the material learned. (Results are available to Managers per request)
Attendees completing our Certified Training courses will be awarded a Sage Certified Training certificate. This assures employers that participants have been adequately and properly trained to Sage standards.An option for the class is to attend remotely. When remote, the student has access to the workstation specific to them and the instructors monitor is displayed to be able to follow along. This does require an additional remote fee. Other options available for dedicated company training which allows over the 4:1 to attend at our office or remote. As well as the ability to have the trainer onsite at the remote location. Contact us for more information about this.

Receiving training from a Sage Certified Consultant is not the same as completing a Sage Certified Training course ! Certified Training courses train to Sage standards. 

Free Sage Certified Training classes

You can get tuition free training for any Sage Certified Training class if you are current on MBA’s Managed Services Plan (MSP) or our legacy Software Support Account/Preferred plan (SSA/PF). Students pay only the cost for required training manuals. Details are explained on our Software Support Plan web page.

Why would MBA give away Certified Training? There are two good reasons. First, it is value added to our “worry free” support level plan which provides businesses with the highest assurance of getting the expected results from their Sage software. Second, it turns out to be a cost savings to us because the better trained customers put the lowest demand on our support resources.

If you are not on our support plan and want free training, why not sign up now!

Courses Offered

MBA schedules training for Sage 100 as well as classes on Microsoft Windows, Crystal Reports, network administration and web development topics. All scheduled classes are held in our classroom. We also offer non-scheduled “road show” Sage Certified Training courses for up to five students at customer locations – you provided the conference room and we roll in the equipment.

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