Smaller is better, when it comes to email

Written by Todd Martin on .

Most users of email take for granted how easy it is to send email. Email has become a staple in everyday life. Not only are we using email at work but now we are using email at home and we have come to depend on it. Email is no longer just text being sent. We want to share more than just words. We want to attach documents and pictures. Before you know it an email that was very small 100KB now becomes 8MB and is on its way through the Internet. Or so you thought!

Most email providers will cap email size due to the resources used when sending, receiving and storing email. Typical caps on email could be from 2mb to 10 mb with an average of 6-8 mb for most ISPs. Image trying to carry into your house 100 grocery bags full of food at one time. They are too many bags and they weigh too much to carry at one time. Email is the same way. Having an email too large would keep the system from performing hence the reason ISP and email providers will cap email size.

How can you make your email size smaller when you want to attach a picture? Glad you asked!

As digital cameras improve it seems that most want to add more numbers to how many megapixels it will create when taking a picture. The megapixels might increase the resolution but it also increases the file size of the image. What might have been 650KB on a 1.5 Megapixel camera can be 10 MB on a new camera. I recently found a great little application that will help shrink those images to a smaller size that is effortless.

Application: Shrink Pic
Price: Free

Shrink Pic runs in the backgound. It waits to see you insert images in to your email program and will instantly compress the image for you without changing the orginal one on your desktop. This is a must have for anyone sending images through email. Smaller is better, when it comes to email images.


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