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Sage released a new service update #17 on 12/24/2009. The service update can be downloaded from Sage's website under support. Follow the links for Service Packs / Program Fixes and choose the 4.30 Service Updates.

Sage Customers on Maintenance can download Service Update now!

When installing Service Packs:

  • Install service update from the same compouter that was used to install Sage MAS 90 or 200.
  • Be sure to apply this service update before data converstion.

For those customers that are on Preferred Support with MBA Business Software, remember that you get these updates installed for FREE! Call our office to schedule your appointment now to get this service update installed for you. If you are not on Preferred Support with MBA Business Software, why not call us to see what you can be getting for FREE as part of our Preferred Support.

The following is a list of enhancements and corrections that have been incorporated for Sage MAS 90 and MAS 200 version 4.30 in this Service Update. Service Updates are cumulative, containing all program corrections found in prior updates.

Accounts Payable

  1. During Manual Check Entry, when reversing the reversal of a reversed check, the check amount is now correct (negative), and if “yes” is chosen at ‘recall original invoices’, the invoices are now correct (negative).

Bar Code

  1. The full Deposit Available amount from the sales order is now set as the Deposit amount when using Bar Code to import Sales Order.

Bill of Materials

  1. The Inventory Merge Utility will now abort the merge when the items are a parent item for a Bill of Material. If a item merge has been performed before this service update, there is also included a new utility to remove duplicate components when BM Options Allow Duplicate Components = No.

    Before running the utility, use Library Master Analyze and Relink for the BM Detail table and then Rebuild Sorts for Bill of Materials. 

    To run the utility, in MAS90/200, choose File/Run and type *Utl.  Choose from the list the BM Duplicate Component Fix.

    Once the Utility has been removed the duplicate components, Analyze and Relink and Rebuild Sorts must run again.


  1. Selected variables are now correctly listed on panels with multiple buttons using Custom Office.


  1. No longer receive error "Unable to set initial value for DBQ_SEARCH @(9,20.25) Value that failed is " 001" after clicking Look up on SageCRM Country in Country Code Maintenance.
  2. When creating a MAS Customer by using Maintain Relationship in SageCRM, the Zip Code field is now populated if ZIP + 4 is entered.

Inventory Management

  1. In Delete/Renumber/Merge, the Extended Description check box can now be selected.

e-Business Manager

  1. e-Business Manager .Order User ID information is no longer replaced by another User ID information.

Job Cost

  1. Job Cost Conversion has been modified to correct any short records in the Job Cost History Header (JC_H1) file, so that the Rebuild Key Files Utility (LM) will no longer remove these records.

Library Master

  1. An Error 46 SWQUERY Lien 2365 no longer occurs when performing a lookup on a UDF field in a grid sourced from a UDT.
  2. An Error 46 SY_DeleteChange.pvc Line 470 no longer occurs when using the Delete/Change Customers Utility if the ARCustomerNo field contains quotes (")
  3. Task Scheduler is now using the System Date instead of Module Date.
  4. Accounts Receivalbe Customer ALE Lookup now returns correct data when using a custom lookup for AddressLine3 column.

Material Requirements Planning

  1. The Maximum On Hand quantity is now recognized when the Reorder Method is set to Maximum Stock Level.
  2. The MRP report will now calculate the Projected On Hand column when a work order is created for the component item on a bill instead of the parent item.
  3. Auto Generate Work Orders no longer creates a Qty Chg Action for Firm Planned Work Orders (created for Sales Order) every time MRP Generation is run.
  4. Phantom Component with non-integer units of measure no longer round required quantites resulting from yield calculations.

Magnetic Media

  1. 1099 Electronic Reporting has been modified according to the IRS Publication 1220.

Paperless Office

  1. Journal Number is now displayed in Journal and Register Viewer when posting zero dollar adjustments to Accounts Payable Invoices.
  2. Existing Manual Check Register PDF files are not overwritten if previously updated when journal numbers have been reset during General Ledger Period End Processing.  
  3. One last copy of journal and register is retained when printing Bank Reconciliation Register to PDF with Paperless Office for each bank code.
  4. Work Order Daily Transaction Register now prints to PDF in Paperless Office.
  5. Paperless Office button in Accounts Receivable Invoice History Inquiry is now available when accessing through Customer Maintenance.
  6. E-mails are now sent when printing invoices in Customer Maintenance when Electronic Delivery Only is selected from the Paperless Office Output list.

Purchase Order

  1. Returned Deposits are now applied to the correct Vendors and the Accounts Payable invoice files are updated as indicated by the Return Order Register.


  1. New local Aatrix Tax Types have been added.
  2. A Direct Deposit stubs no longer prints when employee is setup for Electronic Delivery.  
  3. Employee W2 Box 14 amounts automatically populate when using eFiling & Reporting.

    Before printing W-2 forms, ensure that the desired description appears in the Box 14 column in the State/Federal eFiling and Reporting W2/1099 Preparer window.

  4. In W2 Form Printing a new field FLI Private Plan No. has been added and only available when the State Data check box is selected. 
    A line for the FLI Private Plan No and Description has been added to the W2 Form Detail for W2 Form Types Laser 2 per page, Single Wide and Laser 4 per page.

    The FLI private plan number prints only for the state of New Jersey.

    If the new the new FLI Private Plan No line is not present on the W2 Form Detail select:
    Type in SYZCON
    Type in run "PRWX04"
    Click Yes to Prompt to add the Family Leave Insurance to the W2 forms.

  5. 2009 W2 and other End of Year changes (2009 IRD) are incorporated into this release.

Fix PR4030-T must be reapplied after installing SU

Download PR4030-T Fix for W2 Printing to show the cobra fields.

Sales Order
  1. Sales Order Credit memos now correctly appear in Accounts Receivable if applied to a Sales Order invoice paid with a Credit Card
  2. In a company that is linked to SageCRM during Invoice Data Entry, the salesperson number retains the selected Salesperson Number and Description.
  3. Invoices created for customers that are linked to SageCRM companies, now default the tax schedule and terms code from the order or the selected ship-to location code.
  4. An Error 88 AR_CreditCardSPS.pvc 81 no longer occurs when updating the Daily Transaction Register from Sales Order after updating the Sales Journal if Avatax is used for sales tax purposes.
  5. The SO_SalesOrderDetailFix_utl has been added.


  1. Certified Payroll Report now prints only the last four digits of the Social Security number.
  2. The default Overtime Earnings code can now be changed during TimeClock Punch In/Punch Out.

Visual Integrator

  1. Users can no longer modify VI Jobs after when access is not allowed using Library Master Role Maintenance.
  2. An Error 13 In SY_SalesTaxCalculation_bus.pvc Line 1645 no longer occurs when testing an SO_Invoiceheader import where the FreightAmt is being imported.

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