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After four months, Sage released the second product update to Sage MAS 90 and 200 ERP version 4.40 ( on 7/16/10. The second Product Update is available via a compact download from Sage Online. Delivering additional features and functionality and product enhancements as an additional on-plan customer benefit, Product Update 2 delivers value across the system and in a range of modules including Bank Reconciliation, Accounts Payable, and Paperless Office. The Pre-release notification went into detail about new features that this release will include. Many of these enhancements are the result of incorporating the main features and functionality of select Extended Solutions into the core product, and others are totally new customer-requested features that solve pain points.

Also included in Product Update 2 is a new Pre-Installation Data Scan utility that will help identify data issues prior to installation.

If Master Developer or Extended Solutions customizations have been made to your Sage MAS 90 or 200 software, contact your Sage Software business partner or Master Developer before installing any Service Pack or Product Update.

Before installing product update, please note the following:

  • We highly recommend that you back up your system before installing any updates or version upgrades. Otherwise, data may be lost if the update fails.
  • Product Update 2 ( includes a Pre-Installation Data Scan utility that helps identify potential data issues prior to installation.
  • Install this Product Update from the same computer that was used to install Sage ERP MAS 90 or 200.
  • After installing the product update, run WksUpdate.exe from the server's ..\Mas90\Wksetup folder at each workstation on which you would like to update the local help files.

The following is a list of enhancements and corrections that have been incorporated for Sage MAS 90 and MAS 200 version 4.40 in this Product Update. Product Updates are cumulative, containing all program corrections found in prior updates.

Accounts Payable

  1. Invoice Payment Selection Invoice amount no longer is showing zero amount in the Invoice Payment Selection Listing.
  2. A new enhancement has been added to Accounts Payable for processing payments for vendors electronically by creating an ACH file which the user then uploads to the bank via the bank’s website.  The ACH file that is generated must conform to the National Automated Clearing House Association Standards (NACHA).

    Note: Only US Banks that accept the standard ACH file format will be supported.  Banks in Canada and overseas, or smaller banks in the US that have different requirements, are not supported.

  3. In Manual Check Printing and Extended Stub printing, if the Print G/L Distribution Check Box is checked the G/L account distribution is now printed on the Check stub or Extended Stub.

Accounts Receivable

  1. In Accounts Receivable Period End Processing no longer hangs.
  2. The Following no longer occurs: "The file SO SalesOrderHistoryHeader cannot be opened" or Error 200 AR_ClearCreditCard.pvc 107 occurs in Accounts Receivable when performing period end and Sales Order module is not present.
  3. In Accounts Receivable Period End, transactions are no longer combined in the AR_TransactionPaymentHistory.m4t table (which displays in Customer Maintenance/Invoices tab) when a mix of Open Item and Balance Forward customers exist in Customer Maintenance.

Bar Code

  1. "Quantity Backordered: 0.00" prints on picking sheet for miscellaneous charge.  "Quantity Backordered: 0.00" is now suppressed for miscellaneous charges on Bar Code S/O Picking Sheets.
  2. Bar Code Sales Order Picking Sheet will now print UDFs when added to the form.

Bill of Materials

  1. The Gross Requirements Report, when a parent bill contains a phantom bill, the Quantity Available from the Item Warehouse is now correctly calculated.
  2. When printing the B/M Summarized or Indented Where-Used Report with the Include Quantity Info checkbox cleared, Qty Per Bill now prints the actual quantity instead of zero.
  3. Indented where used report is no longer adding extra lines.
  4. In Bill of Materails, the Summarized Where Used Report now prints the correct quantity for Phantom bills.
  5. When printing the Single-Level Bill of Material Report, with Blow Through Phantoms selected on the report printing screen, phantom component quantities are now correct when the phantom quantity > 1.
  6. When printing the Single Level Bill of Material Report, the Page Break (between bill) is now working correctly with multiple revisions of a bil. Previously, the page break was only considering the bill number when determining when it was time to do the page break.
  7. The Bill of Materials Picking Sheet Quantity per Bill for items with units of measure that are not defined as an Integer in Bill of Materials Options is no longer rounded.
  8. The Bill of Materials Indented Bill of Materials, Summarized Bill of Materials, Single-Level Bill of Materials Reports, now prints the line items that have been inserted on a bill in the correct position on the reports.
  9. Costed Bill Report for selection of bills now calculates cost correctly.
  10. Bill of Materials Production Entry Update no longer increments the parent item serial number when the component is issuing a serial number that is the same.

Bank Reconciliation

  1. In Bank Reconcilation, new enhancements have been added to address some of the usability pain points that our customers are currently experiencing with the Bank Reconciliation module in the current MAS 90/200 product.  These pain points emphasize the need for a better audit trail of transactions and an improved work flow between bank reconciliation tasks.

    In Bank Reconciliation new enhancements have been added to add the Extended Solutions titles, BR-1004 Positive Pay Export and BR-1005 Bank Reconciliation Import into the standard MAS 90/200 Bank Reconciliation module. Positive Pay Export is an anti-fraud service offered by many banks. It protects companies against altered checks and counterfeit check fraud.  When a company issues checks, it provides the bank with a list of the check information.  When someone attempts to cash a check, the bank will validate the check against the information provided by the company and if it does not match, the check will be refused.Bank Reconciliation Importimports a bank text file and validates cleared checks against the Bank Reconciliation Transaction file.The purpose of this enhancement is to incorporate Extended Solutions BR 1005 – Bank Reconciliation Import.  This enhancement provides the user with the ability to automatically reconcile checks based on the file received from their bank.


  1. In Customizer Selection, for the CI Common Entry lib, the Bill of Materials Production Entry and Disassembly Entry Tier Distribution UDFs can now be added to the grid.
  2. In Purchase Control Maintenance, UDFs can now be added to the grid.
  3. In User Defined Scripts, the ability to pass com object handles across scripts running in the same process.
  4. In Custom Office User-Defined Script Maintenance, the External Editors button will now be hidden on the MAS200 desktop.
  5. In UDF and Table Maintenance, you can now create a business object type UDF for the IM Transaction Entry Detail table.
  6. An error  "Error occurred while executing the link 47/7563 type = v undefined" no longer occurs when using a customizer script that contains a comma.


  1. No longer receive an invalid message "You have exceeded the maximum number of available user licenses" when using Outlook Integration and trying to login to ERP server.

General Ledger

  1. General Ledger Beginning Balances are now calculated correctly after converting to version 4.40.  Issue occurs when the prior year's data has been purged from General Ledger and Inventory Transaction exist for those prior years.
  2. The General Ledger Allocation posting amounts are now calculated correctly when using Basis, Quantity and Percent Allocation Methods.

Inventory Management

  1. The warehouse code field on the Cost Detail tab in Item maintenance is now restricted to entry of only 3 characters. Previously, the filed allowed entering more than 3 characters which caused error 43.
  2. On the Inventory Transaction Register for Transfer types for average cost items, the item cost are no longer zero.
  3. The next button now returns  the next record correctly after deleting record in item maintenance.
  4. In Item Maintenance, the Advanced Lookup Engine Custom Wizard, the CI_ExtendedDescription table is now available.
  5. The Inventory Sales History Report is now correct when sorted by Customer and all selections are for all records.
  6. In Item Maintenance, Error 41 doesn't occur any longer after entering an invalid value into Vendor Warranty field  in the Item Vendors Maintenance dialogue and then closing the dialogue by pressing "x" .
  7. Changing valuation method to Standard Cost no longer causes an incorrect value in IM Trial Balance.
  8. For the Inventory Valuation Change Register update to General Ledger, the Source Code description will now have a default description rather than a blank.

Job Cost

  1. When changing a line from taxable to nontaxable,  taxable & nontaxable sales are now correctly recalculated.
  2. "Is this a new Customer?" prompt no longer appears when selecting an existing customer number that contains 7 characters with leading zeros when Require Divisions is not selected in AR Options.
  3. Job Billing invoices are now correctly updated to the AR Sales Tax file, so these invoices will now print on the AR Sales Tax Report.

Library Master

  1. No longer receive error message: Custom_Captions MasIntegration:PostInsertRecord jscript error: PushToMAS; Error executing SQL: Timeout expired Line: 7 Char: 6 when trying to add a new territory in EES.
  2. In Company Maintenance, data conversion, Error 41 PO_LevelConversion.pvc 534 no longer occurs when converting when "Until Period End" is setup in PO Options for "Retain receipt History".
  3. In Company Maintenance, data conversion no longer errors with a ":" (Colon and Yellow Triangle) displays with blank message.
  4. In Library Master Link Maintenance, users can now relink Journal and Registers.
  5. In Library Master Link Maintenance, the mesage Screen manager Error "Unable to locate screen 'dMoveJrnls' ..." followed by Error 42 _winproc 15540 when clicking on the MOVE button no longer occurs for Paperless Office Journals and Registers.
  6. In Company Maintenance, data conversion is complete, an Error 42 no longer occurs when closing the Activity Log window if it is accessed by chaining from the post-conversion prompt.  The error only occurs if the converted data was from v3.71.
  7. Sales Orders and Inventory Items have  now have the correct UserCreatedKey and UserModifiedKey after data conversion.
  8. Using an ODBC connection to view tables, the MP_01 through MP_08, MP_10 and MP2 Tables are now available for selection.
  9. In Development Studion, creating will no longer erase all other lookups when merged into the standard lookups.
  10. Choosing a menu task after data conversion has completed for a Product Update, the message :"Unable to determine the data level" no longer occurs.
  11. In Accounts Receivable data conversion after installing a Product Update, the error 80 AR_CreditCard.pvc 738 no longer occurs.
  12. In Library Master Link Maintenance, an error 36 SY_LinkMaintenancePLJournals.pvc 323 no longer occurs when clicking on the COPY button for Paperless Office Journals and Register.

Material Requirements Planning

  1. In MRP Report, the Buyer/Planner Code lookup now selects codes less than 3 characters.
  2. On the MRP Generation and MRP Report, the Lead Time value for the primary vendor no longer prints over the top of the Lead Time field label.
  3. In the MRP Generation and MRP Report the correct Buy/Planner Codes are now printed.

Paperless Office

  1. Paperless Office button is now active for SO invoices created in MAS versions prior to 4.30.
  2. PDF Converter works on a Windows 7 32-bit workstation and Windows Server 2008 R2 64-bit.
  3. An attempt to edit a PL_Form record without visiting the Main tab first now returns the user to the main tab.
  4. In Paperless Office, there is a new utility to repopulate the Company Code when selecting ALL for Journals, Registers and Period End Reports.

    To run the utility:
    From the MAS90/200 File menuselect Run.  Type syzcon, click OK.At the > prompt, type run "PLW001", press enter key.Then click Proceed button.

Purchase Order

  1. In Receipt of Goods Entry, the entry can now be processed when a Miscellaneous Item exists on a Purchase Order if it was added via Receipt of Invoice Entry.
  2. In Receipt of Invoice Entry, all the lines from the Purchase Order are now pulled in.
  3. The Purchase Order form, the tax detail now prints the correct values.
  4. Purchase order numbers are correctly no longer padded to the field length for non-numeric purchase order numbers.
  5. In Purchase Order, Vendor Inquiry, the purchase order lookup now correctly shows the purchase order list according to the search criteria.
  6. Paperless Office Electronic Delivery for Forms information is now saved for future purchase order & return order printing sessions.
  7. Now negative extension amount can be entered for miscellaneous charges in Purchase Order Return of Goods Entry.
  8. Now a negative amount for a miscellaneous charge is allowed. in Receipt of Goods Entry  and Receipt  of Invoice Entry. Also when  the negative quantity invoiced is entered in Receipt of Invoice Entry,  the extension is correctly showing as negative.
  9. In Purchase Order Entry, Receipt of Goods and Return of Goods, the message "You cannot change the default warehouse code" no longer occurs when clicking Accept after editing an existing purchase order or creating a receipt/return of goods.
  10. Unit of Measure field is now available for special items if the Inventory Management module is not integrated with Purchase Order in Sage MAS 90 and 200.
  11. Item Text Maintenance is populated correctly.
  12. Now negative extension can be entered for miscellaneous charges in Purchase Order Receipt of Invoice Entry or Receipt of Goods Entry.


  1. A Direct Deposit reversal is no longer included in the Direct Deposit Interface file.
  2. In Payroll Register update for a Direct Deposit adjustment update to Bank Reconciliation, the Document Date is now populated correctly.

Return Materials Authorization

  1. The error 65 in RMA entry & Receipts Entry in Tier Distribution no more occurs.
  2. Sales Orders generated from RMAs now have unit price as zero correctly.

Sales Order

  1. Sales Order Picking Sheets now print comments/lines in the correct order if Print Picking Sheets by Bin Location is selected in Options, and comment lines are on first line of prchase order and multiple picking sheets printed at same time.
  2. In Sales Order, if the credit card deposit is for a partial amount, in Sales Order Invoice entry the Payment Type is no longer reverting to Customer's default payment type and no longer drops the credit card deposit amount.
  3. In Sales Order Journal Update, the Daily Sales Recap by Product Line and Daily Sales Recap by Warehouse by Product Line do now include the correct values.
  4. Dragging and dropping lines in Shipping Data Entry has been disabled so the backorder field does not appear enabled and no longer receiving message: "The quantity shipped exceeds the quantity ordered".
  5. In Sales Order Invoice Entry, on The Entry Exceeds Available Qty dialog choosing Select an Alternate Item will now correctly replace line with the alternate item.
  6. In Sales Order Entry and Invoice Entry, the Deposit fields are no longer grayed after selecting a credit card with a payment method of Deposit/Sale.
  7. In Sales Order data conversion, Inventory Item and Miscellaneous Item Cost now correctly convert  to Sales Order Entry on Existing Sales orders.
  8. In Sales Order Entry, when the Extended Description column is moved to the primary grid, the extended description window now automatically opens.
  9. Extension is no longer recalculated when a line is being edited.
  10. Lines no longer get overwritten during Shipping entry when the option for 'Return Focus to Item Code after Entering Quantity' is selected in Shipping Setup options, when a quantity is entered, and then without hitting enter or tab, but click back into the Item code field.
  11. In Sales Order Printing, Item Weight is now correct for Special Items.
  12. In Sales Order Printing, the work file fields for Tax Code Description and Registration Number are now populated correctly when previewing Sales Orders and Sales Order Invoices.
  13. The Daily Transaction Register postings are now in balance following the SO Sales Journal Update, when multiple batches of invoices are being updated at the same time. This out-of-balance posting may have occurred if the posting date of journal being updated was after the posting date of the session that has not yet been updated.
  14. Quantity Backordered will no longer print for Miscellaneous Charges on S/O Picking Sheets.
  15. Tab sequence for Picking Sheet Printing screen and Quick Print Picking Sheet Printing screen goes from left to right.
  16. Quick Print sales orders, picking sheets and invoices no longer displays credit limit check screen after the "You don't have sufficient rights' message."
  17. Alternate Item Quantity Available on the Quantity Exceeds dialog has been fixed.
  18. Create order from CRM using Copy From now correctly identifies disallowed items set up in Purchase Control.

System Setup

  1. The MAS 90/200 Help Files have been updated in this release.

    To update your local Help Files, run WKSUpdate located in the MAS 90/200 Server's ..\mas90\wksetup directory from each MAS 90/200 Workstation.

  2. All Document Types display correctly in Starship.

Visual Integrator

  1. In Visual Integrator, for the SO_SalesOrderHeader import, the detail records will no longer fail with the message "Record Failed.Missing deposit authorization code" when the AuthorizationCodeForDeposit is included in the import.  This has also been corrected for the SO_InvoiceHeader, AR_CashReceiptsHeader imports.
  2. VI Import for CI_teim using ASCII file type changing the Source Substring length has been changed, this change is no longer ignored and will correctly import an item description for the substring length defined.
  3. In Visual Integrator Export Job, Date fields no longer export as Field Type 'Yesno' instead of Date.
  4. For Visual Integrator imports that have all header fields assigned and the source file contains the line information, the header and lines are now successfully imported and the message “L record AddLine() Failed. Missing or Invalid header”  no longer occurs in the import log.
  5. In Visual Integrator Import Job Maintenance, for the AP_ManualCheckHeader import, the LL. Accountkey is now available and using Operation File Assign will properly import the general account from the AP_Vendor table.
  6. In Visual Integrator, AP_ManualCheckHeader AccountKey can now be imported when Job Cost is integrated with Job Cost.
  7. Using Visual Integrator, importing item descriptions that are less than 30 for an existing item that has a item description greater than 30, now correctly displays the new description in Item Maintenance.
  8. In Visual Integrator Import Job Maintenance, the IM_DeleteChangeItems is now available for selection.
  9. In Visual Integrator imports, header/line imports with identical detail lines in the source file will now import into separate rows in the detail file.
  10. In Visual Integrator, for the PO_PurchaseOrderheader import, standard orders can now be successfully imported referencing a master/repeating order number and the Balance on a Master order is correctly calculated.

Work Order Processing

  1. * special items added to the material list for a backflush work order no longer cause a 'not on file' material issue transaction error.
  2. In the graphical Work Order Picking Sheet, when the Item Extended Description field has been added to the form, a "1" no longer prints in this field.
  3. In Work Order Transaction Entry Material Issue transaction, a Lot item being distributed across multiple Lots is now retaining the correct lot number instead of the value from the previous lot distribution.

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