The End is Near for XP

Written by Daniel Deitch on .

Microsoft-Windows-XP-End-of-SupportThe end is near!

Yes, 2013 is almost over, but that's not what we mean. The end is near for Windows XP! Yes, that old friend that's been with all of us for almost 14 years (yes, we said 14 years) is finally taking a well-deserved retirement in April of this coming year. Don't panic, though. This doesn't mean that XP will suddenly stop working in April. It just means that Microsoft will stop supporting it in terms of technical support, patches and fixes. You will be able to keep using XP on your existing computers past April, but there will no longer be any program or security fixes or patches after that point. This is an area of great concern and a risk that will grow as more time passes past the retirement party. You may (or may not) notice how many updates are still installed each week on your Windows XP computers, each one of which is addressing a functional or security issue Microsoft has identified and fixed.

So, what are you to do?

Contact MBA about getting a plan in place to retire those old XP friends and bring in some young blood. Preferred pricing will be available to those get an agreement in place to upgrade all remaining XP workstations in their organization. Not only will you have newer, well supported computers, but the productivity increase should be a boon for business.

Just imagine, no more complaints about how slow the computer is and no more "Oh, I go and get a cup of coffee while it's working on that!"

This retirement and upgrade opportunity also provides a great reason to get your Sage 100 ERP (formerly known as Sage MAS 90 and 200 ERP) products to a more current version. Newer versions of Windows require a more recent version of Sage 100 ERP. When you're calling MBA about computer upgrades, ask to speak with a Sage specialist about getting your ERP upgraded as well!

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