2015 Year End Updates

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Sage 100– 2015 Year End Interim Release Download (IRD) Read Me Notes:

Important Reminder As of Tax Filing Year 2015, in order to print or electronically file 1099 forms, you will need to use the following menu tasks:

                         o       1099 (MISC, DIV & INT) forms: Accounts Payable > Reports > Form 1099 eFiling and Reporting

TIP! A user guide on how to process 1099 forms can be downloaded from the Sage Support Portal at https://Support.NA.Sage.com. Once logged into portal, in the Search field type 53295 and click Search button.Please make sure the appropriate person who processes 1099 forms in your company is aware of this important change.

You must install the 2015 IRD on the server to the ...\MAS90 directory and you must also install the year end eFiling (Aatrix) update before processing 1099s for tax filing year 2015.

The year end eFiling update will be released on Friday, December 18th. The eFiling update is installed separately on each workstation that has State/Federal eFiling & Reporting installed. When you access any one of the eFiling and Reporting tasks, you will be prompted to install an “Automatic Update”; this will update all applicable form changes. It does not matter which update is installed first, just as long as both updates have been installed before processing 1099s for 2015. For more information, see knowledgebase article How to install, activate, update and uninstall Federal and State eFiling and Reporting (KB ID 18851)

The following are the required minimum Sage 100 versions. If you are not at least on one of the minimum versions below, you must add the required product update (PU) to get to the minimum before installing the 2015 IRD.

• 2013 PU 9
• 2014 PU 7
• 2015 PU 3


The 2015 IRD contains the following enhancements for Accounts Payable:

IMPORTANT TAX INFORMATION: 1099 Form changes were required for the tax year 2015 and have been incorporated in this update. Maintenance, data entry, as well as certain reports and Form 1099 eFiling and Reporting have been modified to adhere to the 2015 1099 Miscellaneous, Dividend, and Interest forms as published by the IRS for the tax year 2015 filings.

• Once the 2015 IRD is installed, the new 2015 boxes will be available for all companies in the installation. The following changes have been made to accommodate the correct placement of the following information:

o Box 12 is now blank
o Box 13 is now Bond premium on tax exempt bond
o Box 14 is now Tax-exempt and tax credit bond CUSIP no.
o Box 15 is now State
o Box 16 is State identification no.
o Box 17 is State tax withheld

o No form changes were required

o No form changes were required

Note: If these boxes were previously created (in the SY_1099Setup file) using the SY_1099Maint_UI utility, this IRD will overwrite those records in SY_1099Setup, but will not affect any paid-to-date dollar amounts already stored for the tax year 2015 in the data file AP_1099VendorPayments. Note if the new boxes were manually created using the utility, prior to installing the 2015 IRD, the user should use the SY_1099Maint_UI utility to verify that the boxes were created correctly as a text or non-text field (Text Field) in the Form 1099 Box Maintenance window, and make corrections as necessary.

• Form 1099 eFiling and Reporting version has been updated to 2.57

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