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The following is a list of enhancements and corrections added to Sage 100 2015 Update 5 and released on June 22, 2016.

Product updates are cumulative; in other words, this update includes all enhancements and program corrections found in prior updates for version 2015. Smart Update will install only the programs that have been updated since your last update was installed.  Sage 100 Advanced and Premium Workstation Synchronization automatically updates the client workstations.

If you use Sage 100 Standard over a network, run WKsUpdate Standard.exe on each workstation. This program is located in the ..\mas90\wksetup folder on the server where Sage 100 2015 Standard is installed.

All Sage 100 updates must be installed on the server where Sage 100 is installed.

An updated "eBusiness Web Services.exe" was introduced in Update 1 and is being installed to the Sage 100 2015 Server's ..\MAS90\WS folder to correct the following issue: "UnitPrice is no longer being reset in Sales Order Detail when previewing orders with eBusiness Web Services."

Existing eBusiness Web Services users should update their existing installation by uninstalling the existing eBusiness Web Services and installing the updated version. (OPTIONAL Method, existing users can replace their existing Sage100ERP.WebServices.dll with the updated version also located in the ..\MAS90\WS folder on the Sage 100 ERP 2015 Server.)

New eBusiness Web Services users should install using the updated "eBusiness Web Services.exe" located in the Sage 100 2015 Server's ..\MAS90\WS folder.

An update to the Sage Exchange Desktop (SED 2.0) is available from our web site ( after registering for and logging into the Sage Customer or Partner Portal.

  • Download and install the Sage 100 SED 2.0 Update (AR5006T KBID 74641) on the Sage 100 2015 Server.
  • At each Sage 100 Workstation that processes Credit Card transactions, run the Sage Exchange Desktop 2.0.exe (requires Administrator privileges). This program can be found on the Sage 100 2015 Server, located in the ..\MAS90\wksetup folder.

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