New Usability Enhancements in Sage 100 Version 2017

Written by Todd Martin on .

With any new release, we often see a collection of features called usability enhancements. These aren’t typically headline-grabbing features that everyone eagerly anticipates. However, depending on your workflow and how you use Sage 100, these minor tweaks can turn into huge time-savers. So here’s a look at some of the global usability enhancements included in Sage 100 Version 2017.

Enhanced Auto-Complete Search

When using the auto-complete feature, your search criteria is now compared with all words within the searched fields. Previously, Sage 100 considered only the beginning of the text in the searched fields. For example, if you have a customer named Allen’s Appliance Repair and a customer named Appliance Services, typing ‘Appl’ in the Customer No. field results in a list that includes both; customers. In addition, the number of fields being scanned and searched on has been expanded. For example, you can search for a vendor by typing a phone number into the Vendor No. field.

To activate the newly enhanced auto-complete feature, you’ll need to run the Build Search Index utility on the Library Master Utilities menu. If you do not run the utility, auto-complete will work as it did before this update.

Maintain Commodity Codes for Misc. and Inventory Items

You can now maintain a list of commodity codes and associate them with miscellaneous and inventory items. These codes are included with the data sent when processing Level 3 credit card transactions in the Sales Order module. Note that a number of new fields, maintenance screens, and other functionality have been added to support the new commodity codes including the ability to import existing codes from tab-delimited text files.

Other Enhancements

Here are some other global enhancements that are worth mentioning:
Prior & Next Buttons on Calendar - to more quickly change from month to month.
Resizable Memo Maintenance - drag the lower right corner of the Memo Maintenance window to give yourself a little more wiggle room for reading and typing memos.
Cancel Report Printing - you can now cancel report printing by clicking the Cancel button on the message window that appears while the report is processing.
Larger Font for Selected Reports - font size on several reports has been increased 30% to 40% to improve readability.
Submit Your Enhancement Ideas

Got an idea that you think would make Sage 100 easier to use or a new feature you think should be added? Be sure to check out the Sage 100 Ideas Website where you can submit new ideas or ‘up vote’ existing ideas that you like.

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