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Sage 100 2018 Product Update 1 (

Written by Todd Martin on .

The following is a list of corrections and selected enhancements added to Sage 100 2018.1
For a full list of Enhancements, refer to the What's New page inside the Product.

Product updates are cumulative; in other words, this update includes all enhancements and program corrections found in prior updates for version 2018. Smart Update will install only the programs that have been updated since your last update was installed.

Workstation Synchronization has been enhanced to update Sage 100 Standard Workstations along with Sage 100 Advanced and Premium Workstations. Sage 100 Standard Users are no longer required to run WksUpdate Standard.exe on each Sage 100 Standard Workstation. 

All Sage 100 updates must be installed on the server where Sage 100 is installed.

Accounts Payable

  1. AP invoice entry - Get 'The Vendor Number is no longer required' message when launching vendor maintenance from hyperlink and the vendor number isn't blank.

Accounts Receivable

  1. Wrong amount for discounts are not allowed and AR GL accounts posted to GL shown on Sales Journal Recap by Division when printing/updating.

Bill of Materials

  1. Costed Bill of Materials Report run for Selection of Bills is now ignoring Integer Unit of Measure for Miscellaneous Charges.
  2. Component Item Extended description now shows in the picking sheet print out when you pick more than one bill item to print.


  1. New Sales Order Quote in Sage 100 no longer blanks out Order Type when CRM OTF Order opportunity is chosen.
  2. When Launching Customer Maintenance and editing the customer immediately after linking a company to a customer, the message "Record has been changed by another user and the changes will not be saved upon accept" no longer occurs.
  3. The Memo button is now visible when accessing Customer Maintenance from Sage CRM.

Inventory Management

  1. Unit Cost discrepancies have been corrected for FIFO component items in BOM Production Entry and Disassembly, after removing zero quantity tiers.
  2. Corrected Inventory Transaction update to prompt to print "Daily Transaction Register" instead of "Job Daily Transaction Register".
  3. Retail Price is no longer disabled after clicking on the Additional Tab in Item Maintenance when Allow Returns is deselected.

Job Cost

  1. Added validation in Cost Types to not allow special characters. Increased size of Valid Cost Type field to 36 characters.
  2. PO Receipt Register and PO Return Register update hangs when there are multiple lines which include Job Cost detail.

Library Master

  1. An Error: "11 SWQMAO 1535" no longer occurs when modifying a lookup for a User Defined Table.
  2. Restrict Accounting Date to Current and One Future Period" no longer allows users to change posting date to more than one future period.
  3. Workstation Synchronization has been enhanced to update Sage 100 Standard Workstations.

Paperless Office

  1. Paperless Office output "Print/PDF for Print Delivery Option" is now available in Direct Deposit Stub Printing when "Deliver During Check Register Update" is not selected in Paperless Office Form Maintenance.

Purchase Order

  1. Purchase Order History records are no longer removed when purging obsolete purchase orders.
  2. The Purchase Order Variance Register no longer only shows the First Invoice number in the Last Invoice Number field when there are 2 Receipt of Invoices posted in the same update after 1 complete Receipt of Goods.

Return Materials Authorization

  1. Option category now prints the actual option description in RMA printing.
  2. RMA Return Reason Report is printing the serial number for item whose Product Line default           Valuation is not Serial.

Sales Order

  1. Balance is not due on invoice paid by credit card that are manually processed, non integrated credit card transactions.
  2. In Sales Order Entry or SO Invoice Data Entry, if a "Kit" Bill is exploded and the component's Ordered quantity exceeds 9,999,999.####, it no longer zeroes out the quantity when the quantity has not exceeded the mask.
  3. The "Promoted to Order On" field is no longer populated with a date for Back Ordered type Sales Orders, when a Standard Order is partially shipped and a Back Order is created.
  4. Tax Detail, Taxable Freight, and the Taxable Amount fields are now correct in SO invoice when created in Shipping Data Entry, and when changing the Ship Via and not refreshing the shipping tab

Visual Integrator

  1. PR_PayrollHeader import job Perform Logic is not duplicated when creating a new PR_PayrollHeader import and select to copy from an existing Import job.
  2. Error 41 VI_ImportJobCompile.pvc 1140 is no longer occurs when clicking Accept in Import Job Maintenance if Skip Record is defined in records tab in Sage 100 2018.

Sage CRM

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It’s More Than Window Dressing

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Sage CRM 2017 R2 - What's New

Written by Todd Martin on .

Sage CRM 2017 R2 (Release 2) is now available, featuring key updates to the calendar functions along with several enhancements in other areas of the software. Here’s a look at the best features in this newest product release.

Calendar Enhancements

Building on enhancements in recent releases, the Sage CRM Calendar continues to evolve. When it comes to the Team Calendar, 2017 R2 adds the ability to view appointments assigned to team members within the new Timeline View. You can even customize colors used to represent each user or team member.

In addition, the Month View has been reinstated and shows appointments that you and your colleagues have planned for the selected month. This release also adds the option to print calendars.
Sage CRM Timeline View in Team Calendar

Email Enhancements

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Sage 100 Supported Versions - as of 2017

Written by Todd Martin on .

Sage officially supports the current plus 3 prior versions of Sage 100. With the release of Sage 100 2017, here’s the updated list of supported versions and retirement dates:

Sage 100 (Standard, Advanced, Premium) 2017 2016 2015 2014
Release Date Oct 2016 Nov 2015 Apr 2015 Feb 2014
Sage Phone Support Ends 1 9/30/2020 9/30/2019 9/30/2018 9/30/2017
Year End IRD Updates 12/31/2019
(Use eFiling & Reporting)
(Use eFiling & Reporting)
(Use eFiling & Reporting)
(Use eFiling & Reporting)
Tax Table Updates 12/31/2019
Product Updates June 2018 June 2017 June 2016 Nov 2015
Hot Fixes 6/30/2019 6/30/2018 6/30/2017 12/31/2016
Online Support Knowledge Base Yes Yes Yes Yes

MBA will support customers on plan for all versions of Sage 100.

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