Crystal Beyond Basics - ACS90330

This training course is designed to teach you how to develop more advanced reports using Cross-Tab and Subreport features. Learn how to develop more advanced formulas using variables and how to handle common formula issues. Advanced linking of tables and linking tips will be discussed. Additionally, this course will provide a basic understanding of how Sage 100 graphical forms are modified using Crystal Reports along with tips for form optimization and troubleshooting.

Included topics:

  • How to create linked and unlinked subreports 
  • Multiple table linking considerations, including linking UDFs 
  • How to create Cross-tab reports 
  • Advanced formula evaluation and creation, including useful tips and tricks 
  • Effective tips on customizing printed forms in Sage 100 ERP

Software: Crystal Reports and Sage 100 ERP (Standard, Advanced, Premium)
Class Duration:
2 days

Course Number: ACS90330

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Who Should Attend: Report Writers, Controllers, System Administrators
Course Level: Basic
Prerequisites: Proof of attendance in the Sage 100 ERP Data File Structures (
ACS90300) and Introduction to Crystal Reports courses (ACS90310)
Advanced Preparation: None

Tuition: $926.00

Tags: Sage 100 ERP Sage 100 ERP Training