Accounts Receivable Essentials - ACS90051

This training course provides the Accounts Receivable Specialist and/or Sale Representative responsible for entering invoices, with the skills they need to complete their job efficiently and accurately using the Sage 100 ERP Accounts Receivable module.

Included topics:

  • Enter a variety of Accounts Receivable invoices using real life scenarios
  • Identify and enter appropriate transactions for adjusting invoices 
  • Accurately estimate cash flow based on receivables using the features available in the system 
  • Process payments against your customers accounts using a variety of methods 
  • Reconcile your Accounts Receivable to the General Ledger 
  • Identify appropriate reports to use when faced with the need for specific information

Software: Sage 100 ERP (Standard, Advanced, Premium)
Class Duration:
4 Hours
Course Number: ACS90051

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Who Should Attend: Accounts Receivable Specialist, Accounting Manager, Controller (Recomend Class #ACS90050)
Course Level: Basic
Prerequisites: Basic Computer Skills with Windows (
Class #MBA00010) or equivalent experience.
Advanced Preparation: None

Tuition: $297.00

Tags: Sage 100 ERP Sage 100 ERP Training