Pre-Installation Product Update Scan Functionality

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The purpose of the scan functionality, introduced in the latest product and service updates (version is to quickly identify data files that will not successfully convert in the update. The scan reads the primary key of each .M4T table for the selected company(s) (excluding reporting tables, but including Sage MAS_System tables) and identifies those data files that will not complete a physical update. At the completion of the scan, a log is displayed listing company data files scanned and data files that must be corrected prior to continuing the update installation. If data file discrepancies are identified in the log the update installation should be canceled and the discrepancies addressed prior to completing the update installation. The scan is not all encompassing, there are data file issues that that will not be identified by this first version of the utility and the scan is not a replacement for routine data maintenance. Please see below for exceptions to the current utility.

Steps to address issues identified by the scan

Our recommendation is to rebuild all module data where data files discrepancies have identified in the installation pre-scan log.

  1. Have all users exit the affected company.
  2. Select Library Master Utilities menu > Rebuild Key File.
  3. Click OK.
  4. Select a company code and the appropriate module code.
  5. Click the Select All button (If file discrepancies were identified by the scan, it is recommended that all data files in the module be rebuilt.)
  6. Click Proceed.
  7. Save the rebuild log.
  8. Repeat steps 1 through 7 for the next module where discrepancies were identified in the installation pre-scan log.

Rebuilding large data-sets can take a significant amount of time. To minimize user impact, perform these tasks after business hours. After correcting the identified files, perform a data backup and reinstall the Product or Service Update, re-perform the scan of the company data prior to completing the installation

Data issues not identified by the scan

  • Invalid data other than primary key
  • Alternate (non-primary) keys
  • .SOA (legacy data files)
  • Data Dictionary validation
  • Validate blank or missing primary keys
  • Data files that do not contain a valid file header block

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