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No matter what you paid for your accounting software, it's worth very little to you if you don't know how to use it. Can you really expect full value from a product if your users are only partially knowledgeable of its features and functions? The outlook is worse if your veteran users were self-taught or learned on the job because you may believe them when they incorrectly tell you that your software is incapable of a task you've requested. It's not the user's fault, they can only tell you what they know. The downside is that you may be motivated to replace perfectly good software and repeat the same cycle.

sage-trainingWe don’t think calling in for support is an adequate substitute for training. Nor do we feel that on-the-job training by rote without previous comprehensive classroom training does anything more than teach limited skills. It doesn’t convey the systems knowledge needed to utilize different features of the software as business needs change over time. Even the best initial training doesn’t mean you will continue to get everything you expect. Within a few years, there will probably be some employee turnover or job reassignment. How do these new employee learn the software? If they are instructed by the departing or promoted employee, there’s a good chance that they will learn bad habits and inherit their predecessor’s limited understandings. Cross-training other employees as backup operators will help bridge new employee assignments and preserve the value of prior training. Also within a few years time, the software itself will have changed as new versions are released to keep up with current technology and competition. Without refresher training, employee utilization of software features lags further and further behind the software’s capabilities.

We take training seriously. We have a dedicated classroom at our location and an “on-the-road” classroom for training at your location. Our classes are taught by a Sage Certified Trainer or a Microsoft Certified specialist. Experience the full value of your software investment with MBA Training.

MBA Classroom Training

A full curriculum of scheduled Sage Certified Courses and MBA Custom Classes to teach users how operate and benefit from the software. There are comprehensive courses by module for lead operators, condensed multi-module courses for refresher and cross-training backup operators, overviews for new version releases, and special classes for year-end processing, basic Windows skill, and training on third-party plug-ins.

Mobile Training

Custom supplementary training at your site designed specifically for your business. Many of the MBA Classroom Training courses are also available as Mobile Training.sage with different background 2

Hands-Up Training

A follow-on to MBA Classroom Training for new startup customers during the first few days when going live. An instructor is available on-site for one-on-one assistance to employees requesting help with their initial use of the software in a production environment.

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