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We like referrals. Usually, a referral is a prospect who is ready for a change in their accounting software whose name has been given to us by someone who knows that we have the software and professional resources that can deliver the needed results. Getting that far with a prospect without a referral can take weeks or months. No wonder we like referrals and no wonder we want to reward the source. We'd rather invest in our friends and business partners than in marketing materials and sales campaigns.

New Installation Referral Reward Program

We'll give you $100 for each User License purchased by your referral!

Referral Reward

  1. Recipient may chose reward distribution in one of three forms: cashier’s check, gift certificate to an approved merchant, or a contribution in their name to a designated charity. MBA credit on account or prepaid services are not available options.
  2. Referral award amount will be determined by multiplying the number of registered user licenses included in the initial sale by $100.00.

Referral Guidelines

  1. The New Installation Referral Reward Program is not time sensitive nor associated with any promotional campaign. It is a company policy. There is no time limit nor any restriction on the number of rewards.
  2. Anyone 18 years of age or older who is not an employee of MBA or Sage Software is eligible to earn a referral reward. Being a customer of MBA is not a requirement nor is being any other vendor or supplier to MBA a disqualifier.
  3. The New Installation Referral Reward Program is mutually exclusive with any other lead generation or finder's fee compensation that may be available to Business Partners.
  4. Each referral lead must be qualified and registered with MBA as a new opportunity. Referrals of leads that have been actively solicited by MBA within the prior 12-months are not qualified. Leads already in the MBA database that are not active and are only on the MBA Newsletter email list are exempted and are eligible for reward.
  5. Only a new customer sale of an initial Sage 100 ERP or Sage CRM software installation is eligible. Post-initial sale upgrades are not eligible. Existing MBA customers that are upgrading to new software or existing users becoming an MBA customer for support are not qualified.
  6. Only Sage 100 ERP and Sage CRM registered user licenses are eligible. Subscription user, Named user, external seat, web, and third-party user licenses are not qualified.
  7. Sale must close within 12-months of lead registration and registered referral source must be the primary procuring cause for the sale. There may be an extension or exception if merited and approved by MBA.
  8. Software sale must be at least the minimum standard installation including General Ledger plus two or more main application modules. Fewer than three main modules or a Small Business Edition are not qualified.

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