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The Internet is always expanding. We are approaching 50% of the world's population being on the internet with 22.9 Billion connected devices. The Internet is no longer limited to just the universities or corporations but has expanded to the small business, individuals and everyday life. With the Internet, it has empowered people and businesses to grow like they never have been able to grow before. With that growth and power, comes individuals, companies and even countries that want to take advantage of that success. If you are a small business and still running on your ISP's router/modem then you should think about your Internet protection. After all, you wouldn't put all the companies assets on the street for anyone to come and take what they want would you? Why are you doing that over the Internet?

Protection is no longer just to filter what is coming in or blocking an intrusion. Today's firewalls will do that for both incoming and outgoing data plus check application use within the network so you do not have users internally using non-approved applications that could open security holes in your network or use valuable resources. The new systems block malware and antivirus before they ever get in to your network and keeps them from spreading to your customers if someone brings a virus in from home. Security goes beyond just your network and can now protect what is shared with Data Loss Prevention (DLP). With DLP, credit card numbers, social security, and other sensitive information can be kept from being sent by email, web or other applications.

WatchGuardSeattle-based WatchGuard has deployed nearly a million of its integrated, multi-function threat management appliances worldwide, to businesses that range from SMEs to large distributed enterprises. Recognizing an unmet need for a security solution that addresses the rapidly evolving threat landscape, WatchGuard architected its high-throughput, highly scalable, and flexible Fireware® operating system to form the backbone of its products. This platform yields dramatically higher performance at a much lower cost than competitors in environments where multiple security engines are enabled.

WatchGuard differentiates itself from competitors through:

  • Scalability with hardware advances: WatchGuard’s use of industry-standard hardware ensures that its product performance scales with processor advances from Intel and Freescale.
  • Best-of-breed technology: WatchGuard’s modular architecture is based on its Fireware operating system, which runs full versions of the industry’s leading third-party scanning engines. This offers best-of-breed security at every price point, and with maximum flexibility to meet the changing threat landscape.
  • Segment-leading manageability: WatchGuard’s policy-based management console provides a single interface to easily configure and control all security engines, with the flexibility to manage network security from anywhere (such as headquarters to branch locations), without having to install management software.
  • Award-winning visibility: The award-winning WatchGuard Dimension™ visibility tool distills oceans of security data into key trends and critical events to quickly and effectively identify potential threats and productivity issues. Operating from any public or private cloud, Dimension requires no installation and runs from any browser.

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