Custom Office Improvements in Sage 100 2020

Written by Todd Martin on .

Custom Office is a popular module in Sage 100. So let’s take a moment to review some of the enhancements applied to Custom Office with the release of Sage 100 2020.

Improved Grid Customization

This feature introduces a new user-interface in Custom Office similar to how grids appear in other Sage 100 tasks. Right-clicking within the grid now opens a Customize Grid Definition window that enables you to:
  • Drag-and-drop columns to rearrange their order as well as move columns from one grid to another.
  • Access Column Properties in order to modify column name, size, width, secondary grid description, and whether it’s locked.
  • Easily create additional columns.
  • Access a Bulk Hide window to set the ’Hidden’ option for multiple columns in a grid.
This feature is only available in Sage 100cloud and was a popular request on the Sage 100 Ideas Website.

Save UDF Changes in Pending Status

You no longer have to choose between updating your user-defined field (UDF) changes right away or discarding them. UDF additions and modifications are now saved in a pending table. Now when you click Cancel in the User-Defined Fields window, a message will let you know that your changes have been saved. You can return to the User-Defined Fields window at a later time to continue working on your changes and update them when you’re ready.

A new Pending Changes Summary task has been added to the Custom Office Main menu. You can also access this task by clicking the Summary of Pending Changes button in User-Defined Field and Table Maintenance. Use this task to view a list of pending changes as well as apply the updates.
This new feature is available in Sage 100cloud.

Mask Information in Data Entry Fields

A ‘Mask Display’ check box has been added to the Options tab in the Multi-Line Definition window. You can select this check box to display filled-in circles in place of the actual characters when data is entered into this field.

Note that the data is not encrypted and it is masked only when displayed in task windows.

Ready to Upgrade?

Be sure to contact us if you need help upgrading to Sage 100 2020 or if you want to migrate from Sage 100 Classic to Sage 100cloud in order to take advantage of some of the new features exclusive to that updated platform.

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