Sage 100 ERP Advanced and Premium

walkThe Sage 100 ERP Family of Products is designed for small to medium-sized businesses (typically with 10 to 200 employees) that benefit from its outstanding combination of high performance, breadth of application and ease of use. With 28 modules available, Sage MAS 90 offers full-featured accounting, distribution and industry-specific Windows applications for virtually every business need. Sage 100 ERP is a full 32-bit Windows applications conforming to the standard Microsoft Windows Application User Interface. Sage 100 Standard for smaller Local Area Networks and Sage 100 Advanced/Premium for larger Local Area Networks and Wide Area Networks are in use at more businesses and are recommended by more accountants than any other mid-range accounting software product.


Here are just a few reasons why so many companies run their businesses on Sage 100 ERP:

  • Extensive core feature sets in each module, expandable with user-defined fields, automated data import and export, and hundreds of third party add-ons available from authorized Developers.
  • Platform flexibility: Sage 100 ERP is available for Single User Windows. Workstations may run any Microsoft supported operating system including Windows 2008, Windows 2008 R2, Windows 2012, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.
  • Supported on Windows Terminal Server.
  • Database: Sage 100 Advanced is built on an intrinsic C-ISAM file system that also comes with an ODBC driver for universal access. Sage 100 Premium is built on Microsoft's SQL Database.
  • Industrial strength reporting: Three built-in report writers, including the industry standard Crystal Reports, deliver information in the format you need. You can also access Sage 100 ERP data via ODBC with the reporting tool of your choice. Sage Intelligence, business intelliegence reporting and analysis tool is included with the Sage MAS 90 General Ledger Module.
  • Adaptability: With e-Business Manager, Sage 100 ERP continues to prove its adaptability to new technologies, helping to assure you of a solution that will keep you competitive as your business and your industry evolve.

With Sage 100 ERP, you have unparalleled flexibility, allowing you to tailor your accounting system so it matches your internal work-flow and business processes. The product line offers an expansive series of modules and literally hundreds of industry-specific add-ons that can keep your most critical business processes running smoothly, even as your company grows. And, you can customize our software to meet your specific needs. Three built-in reporting tools allow you to quickly and easily extract, analyze and present your financial information with a professional look. The products seamlessly integrate with Microsoft Office, giving you the power to effectively generate personalized communications to customers and vendors. Setting the industry standard for ease of implementation and use, Sage MAS 90 makes it easy to perform daily operations, and with a Windows interface, navigation is intuitive and fast.


Tailoring your accounting solution can maximize your productivity and lower your costs. Sage 100 ERP offers broad modular functionality, so you can purchase the products you need now, and extend your system later to meet your growing needs.

The product's flexibility extends beyond the modules we provide. As your company or transaction volume expands, you may desire to move to a platform that better suits your needs. Migration from Sage 100 ERP Advanced to the SQL Based database, Sage 100 Premium can be made quickly, without retraining your staff. The Sage 100 ERP product line also offers specialized solutions for industries such as manufacturing, distribution, retail and professional services.


Your accounting system should provide a method to quickly and easily extract data, and create the kind of output required for businesses to maintain a professional image. Sage 100 ERP will provide you with a wide range of standard reports, and the ability to easily create customized reports, charts and graphs. The report format maintenance feature enables you to quickly give standard reports a professional look. You can add bitmaps to a report, and select font size, color and style separately for the header, body and footer of the reports.

Crystal Reports Standard software is included with both versions of our product. A graphical report writer, Crystal Reports offers presentation-quality output for your accounting data. You can access template reports directly from a custom reports menu in each of our modules. Using Crystal Reports, you can send your customers professional-looking invoices, checks, quotations, sales orders and statements. Business Insights Dashboard (BID) our first-of-its-kind Executive Information System is a Web-based browser that allows your company executives easy access to accounting and financial data. Presidents, CEOs and CFOs often don't understand the intricacies of the company accounting software.

With the BID, you can simply log on to your computer and all desired information will appear right on the screen in a graphical format with powerful drill-down functionality. Sage Intelliengece (SI) comes with Sage 100 Advanced and Premium. With SI, you can create complex financial reports using excel. Reports can be printed, exported to an Excel worksheet, or distributed to non-accounting system users and viewed in excel.


Custom Office module makes your accounting software and Microsoft Office seem like they're all part of one streamlined business software suite. Custom Office seamlessly links Sage 100 ERP screens with Word, Excel or Outlook. You'll also be able to customize screens, so you can:

  • Fire off a welcome letter to a new customer with one mouse click, or e-mail your supervisor for credit approval.
  • Easily prepare mass mailings using a wizard that walks you through selecting your data and performing a streamlined mail merge.
  • Speed data entry and improve accuracy by hiding unused fields, specifying default values, changing tab sequences and modifying screens to match your business process.
  • Add new fields, such as nickname or birthday.

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