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Phil Martin, MBA’s founder and Director of Software Development, earned his BA degree from North Carolina State University with a major in Economics and later received his MBA from Georgia State University with a double major in Marketing and Finance. He started his professional career in the late 1960’s as a Programmer/Analyst on IBM mainframes writing in Cobol and Assembler Language. It was a time of growth for the computer industry and Phil was there to grow with it.

During the ‘70s, Phil was employed as a Systems Consultant. He was the On-Line Systems Project Manager for the Bank of Montreal’s implementation of a nation-wide MasterCard authorization and settlement system. He was later given assignments to facilities manage the Peachtree Data Center in Atlanta and as Director of Consulting Services for a local software consulting firm.

Phil founded Martin Business Associates as a proprietorship in 1981 to extend consulting services and custom software development to the emerging mini-computer market. As mini-computers gave way to networked micro-computers, he incorporated the business as MBA Business Software and in 1988, became one of the earliest resellers and the first Master Developer in Atlanta for State of the Art’s MAS 90 product, now Sage MAS 90 and MAS 200.

This is his Blog. It’s about anything and everything that is Phil. We call it the Founder's Blog.

Save the Economy - Spend Money

Written by Phil Martin on .

In the days before automobiles, a traveler along a remote and dusty trail in the desert Southwest came upon a deep well with a hand pump under the cover of an open shed. Near the pump handle was a bucket of water with a ladle in it. It was a hot day and the water looked mighty good. There was no one around – only a hand-painted sign that read “you are welcome to the water but prime the pump before using it and leave a full bucket for the next person to come along.” The traveler didn’t know if the pump would work or if the well was dry. There was water in the bucket and he could drink it without risking its loss to prime the pump. What should the traveler do?

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Avoiding A Disaster

Written by Phil Martin on .

It is called a Disaster Recovery Plan for a reason. If you’ve ever experienced a system crash or heard the horror story of someone who has been through one without a Disaster Recovery Plan, you probably understand how aptly it is named. Such a plan can be as simple as backup and restore procedures or as complex as off-site data storage and alternate hardware. With an adequate plan, a system crash becomes no more than a serious inconvenience.

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