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Purchasing Sage 100 ERP and Sage CRM software on an AppEazy System allows you to use the investment you already have in your existing PCs and network to run Sage's latest business software without upgrading your hardware.

An AppEazy solution means having one-click remote access from all your locations without the hassle or expense of VPNs or expensive additional remote access software. It means knowing that your business is automatically backed up off-site each night with Applianz's unique CompleteAssurance service. It means every user in your company, regardless of location, is up and running the same day your AppEazy System arrives. It means having a system that can be easily administered by non-technical professionals.

Meet the Applianz Solution

Applianz - Complete Assurance

Applianz Technologies, Inc. announces the next generation of service protection plans. By taking traditional server technology and adding mission-critical features, they can now offer CompleteAssurance. Applianz have combined their remote access, hardware maintenance, and automated nightly backup service into one product. CompleteAssurance provides the end user piece of mind that their core business application and data are protected.

CompleteAssurance Details:

  • Remote Access - with 1-click instant access technology, users can access core accounting software from any off-site location (with Internet access) without the expense and hassle of a VPN, Citrix, or Terminal Services.

  • Off-site Backups - Automated off-site nightly backups replicate not only your mission-critical data, but your operating system and user settings as well.

  • Business Continuity - In the event of a business interruption, your most recent nightly back up will be loaded onto an Applianz System in one of their data centers, and no later than the next business day your system will be back up and running.

  • System Replacement - Your Applianz System's hardware is fully protected in the event of equipment failure* and in most cases they will have you back up and running the next business day.

  • Automated Updates - New features and updates for all Applianz software rolled out automatically as they become available.

  • Continuous Monitoring - 24 hour system monitoring for hardware and software faults.

  • Support - Free phone and email support for any user connecting to an Applianz System from any location.

* some restrictions apply
**  details provided by Applianz at and can change without notice.

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