Introducing Sage CRM 2020

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Sage CRM 2020 Release 1 (R1) is now available for download. Let’s take a look at some of the top new features included in this latest version.

MailChimp Integration Enhancements

The Sage CRM MailChimp integration has been enhanced to automatically detect duplicate email addresses, making it easier to prevent and fix these occurrences. To ensure that a Person, Company, or Lead record being added to the system has a unique email address, system administrators can now use a new Detect duplicate emails option. Then, if a group sent to MailChimp contains two or more records with the same email address, the group gets rejected.

This enhancement includes the following: MailChimp
  • Automatic detection of duplicate email addresses
  • A new screen displaying records with the same email address
  • A new MailChimp notification

Managing Documents

The technology behind the Document Drop capability has been updated so the functionality is now available in all browsers that are supported by Sage CRM. In addition, you can drag-and-drop emails from Outlook in all supported web browsers.

In addition, you can now create document templates to perform a nested mail merge. This is where a parent entity record has the details of one or more child entity records embedded into it. For example, you can create a template that generates an Order document with embedded Order Item records.

Outlook Plugins

Just like Document Drop, the technology framework for installation of both Lite and Classic Outlook plugins has been updated which means they now work in any web browser supported by Sage CRM.

These Outlook plugins – or add-ons - for Sage CRM synchronize contacts, appointments, and tasks between the two applications. It also allows you to file single or multiple email messages in Outlook to one or more Sage CRM records so you have full documentation of all email communication between you and your customers. You can even attach Sage CRM shared documents to Outlook email.

Upgrading to Sage CRM 2020 R1

Contact us if you need help upgrading your Sage CRM system and be sure to review the release notes, system requirements, and other important details on Sage CRM 2020 at:

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