images/stories/Credit_Card_Processing/Sage_Payment_Solutions/paya-logo-frombluetext-fullcolor-ExtraSmall.jpg A merchant account can be setup to use in Sage 100 with Paya. This is the built-in processor that comes with Sage 100. Give us a call and we will help you with the process of becoming a merchant with Paya.  When it comes to processing a credit card, Sage 100 offers several way to do this.

  • Sales Order Entry
  • Invoice Data Entry
  • Cash Receipts
In the Sales Order Entry module, you can process a transaction as a Payment/Prepost or Deposit/Sale.

  • A Payment/Prepost (also known as Pre-Authorization) is a transaction that is authorized for a certain amount, but can be adjusted (either up or down) when the order is completed.  This is particularly useful when a product has to be manufactured and the exact cost, tax, and/or shipping cost is not known at the time of the initial transaction.  Once the amount is known, you can adjust the amount to reflect the correct pricing.  The system will adjust the amounts accordingly.
  • A Deposit/Sale is a transaction that is authorized for the total amount all at once.  This amount is not able to be adjusted.  
The Invoice Data Entry module can serve two purposes.

  • The module is used to ship items that were entered on a Sales Order.  If the Payment/Prepost transaction type was used, this is where you will adjust the final amount of the sale.  
  • The module is also used to process credit card transactions. This process is very similar to the Sales Order Entry instructions.
Cash Receipts is another way to process transactions.  The cash receipts option is used when you want to take a payment from a customer and apply the payment to an outstanding invoice.  You can also accept transactions to apply to a customer's account for reasons like a deposit or pre-payment.

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