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Sage has released the sixth product update for version 2014 ( on 6/29/15. The following is a list of enhancements and corrections that have been incorporated for Sage 100 ERP 2014 in this Product Update. Product Updates are cumulative, comprised of all program corrections found in prior updates. Smart Update will install only the programs that need to be updated since your last Product Update Installation. If you choose to install this Product Update on a system that already has Product Update 5 installed, all programs released in Product Updates 1 through 5 will be reinstalled.

Sage 100 ERP Advanced and Premium Workstation Synchronization now updates the client workstation automatically. This replaces the need to run WKsUpdate.exe after installing a product update. Users running Sage 100 ERP Standard over a network will still need to run WKsUpdate Standard.exe on each workstation. This program is located in the ..\mas90\wksetup directory on the Sage 100 ERP 2014 Standard Server.

All Sage 100 ERP 2014 Product Updates require the installation to be from the Sage 100 ERP Server.MBA Business Software customers that are on Software Support – Preferred (SSA-PF) can contact us to schedule your update to this version. As part of your support plan, minor updates and hot fixes are included. Not on a support plan but interested? Find out more about what MBA offers for support. 
An updated "eBusiness Web Services.exe" was introduced in Product Update 5 and is being installed to the Sage 100 ERP 2014 Server's ..\MAS90\WS folder to correct the following issue:

"UnitPrice is no longer being reset in Sales Order Detail when previewing orders with eBusiness Web Services."

Existing eBusiness Web Services users should update their existing installation by uninstalling the existing eBusiness Web Services and installing the updated version. (OPTIONAL Method, existing users can replace their existing Sage100ERP.WebServices.dll with the updated version also located in the ..\MAS90\WS folder on the Sage 100 ERP 2014 Server.)

New eBusiness Web Services users should install using the updated "eBusiness Web Services.exe" located in the Sage 100 ERP 2014 Server's ..\MAS90\WS folder.

Accounts Payable

  1. ACH check reversal no longer posts incorrectly to Back Reconciliation.
  2. Invoices of up to 10 characters no longer take up two lines on Accounts Payable Check Stubs.
  3. Retention Amount no longer displays in AP Vendor Maintenance/Inquiry when there is no retention on AP Invoices.

Accounts Receivable

  1. Cash Receipts Journal no longer updates to a closed General Ledger period.

Bill of Materials

  1. Bill Number List lookup no longer displays a repeating Bill Number when a custom filter is created.

Inventory Management

  1. Dollar amount is now rounding correctly when importing data into a UDF created in IM_ItemCost.

Library Master

  1. Error #12: File does not exist (or already exists) no longer occurs after migration when Custom Office was installed in the previous version but not in the current version .


  1. Hours Worked are now correct in State eFiling and Reporting when multiple checks are processed on the same day.
  2. When migrating from a Sage 100 version that does not have the ACA files, Transition Relief,Safe Harbor and Offer of Coverage to a Sage 100 version with the ACA files, the files are no longer removed during migration.
  3. Terminated employees print as Not on File and the terminated employee hours now print on the ALE Report.
  4. In Tax Table Maintenance the rate entered in the Massachusetts Employer MAC field will now populate the MA DUA UI-WFT-UHI Return in State eFiling and Reporting.
  5. Tips Allocated are no longer included on the Applicable Large Employer (ALE) Report.

Sales Order

  1. Salesperson Split Commission Rate no longer changes in Sales Order Data Entry when Using Office Merge Feature.
  2. Message, "Quantity packed does not match the quantity shipped" no longer occurs with similar items in Shipping Data Entry.

Work Order Processing

  1. Lot quantity available in Work Order Transaction Material Entry now displays correctly when distributing multiple lines of same item and lot.

Updated by this release May Require Conversion
AP AP_CheckForm.pvc
AP AP_ManualCheckRegister_upd.pvc
AR AR_CashReceiptsDeposit_bus.pvc
AR AR_CashReceiptsDeposit_ui.pvc
AR AR_CashReceiptsJournal_upd.pvc
CI CI_VendorAging.pvc
CM CM_TableConversion0500.pvc
Help po.chm
IM IM_ItemCost_bus.pvc
IM IM_NegativeTierReport_rpt.pvc
IM IM_RemoveZeroQtyCostTiers_ui.pvc
IM IM_ValuationReportByPeriod_rpt.pvc
IM IM_ValuationReport_rpt.pvc
Launcher html Tutorials.htm
Launcher html SRNs ProdUpdSRNs.pdf
MASHome UpdateManifest.xml
MAS_SYSTEM SY_ConversionDriver.M4T
MD mdwmqz
PL PL_TableConversion0500.pvc
PO PO_PurchasesClearingReport.M4L
PO PO_PurchasesClearingReport_rpt.pvc
PR PR_ACAALEReport_rpt.pvc
PR PR_eFiling.pvc
Reports IM_NegativeTier.rpt
Reports PO_PurchasesClearing.rpt
SO SO_InvoiceDetail_Bus.pvc
SO SO_PackageTrackingByItem_Svc.pvc
SO SO_PackageTrackingByItem_Ui.pvc
SO SO_Shipping_bus.pvc
SOA SWQSCR.37151060
SOA SWQSCR.40051060
SOA SWQSCR.40551060
SOA SWQSCR.41051060
SOA SWQSCR.42051060
SOA SWQSCR.43051060
SOA SWQSCR.44001051060
SOA SWQSCR.4400151060
SOA SWQSCR.4400251060
SOA SWQSCR.4400351060
SOA SWQSCR.4400451060
SOA SWQSCR.4400551060
SOA SWQSCR.4400651060
SOA SWQSCR.4400751060
SOA SWQSCR.4400851060
SOA SWQSCR.4400951060
SOA SWQSCR.44051060
SOA SWQSCR.44551060
SOA SWQSCR.4501051060
SOA SWQSCR.4502051060
SOA SWQSCR.4503051060
SOA SWQSCR.4504051060
SOA SWQSCR.4505051060
SOA SWQSCR.45051060
SOA SWQSCR.4506051060
SOA SWQSCR.4507051060
SOA SWQSCR.4508051060
SOA SWQSCR.5001051060
SOA SWQSCR.5002051060
SOA SWQSCR.5003051060
SOA SWQSCR.5004051060
SOA SWQSCR.5005051060
SOA SWQSCR.50051060
SOA SWQSCR.5006051060
SOA SWQSCR.5007051060
SOA SWQSCR.5008051060
SOA SWQSCR.5009051060
SOA SWQSCR.5100151060
SOA SWQSCR.5101051060
SOA SWQSCR.5102051060
SOA SWQSCR.5103051060
SOA SWQSCR.5104051060
SOA SWQSCR.5105051060
SOA SWQSCR.51051060
SOA sy0ctl.soa
SOA sy1q03.soa
SOA sy1q04.soa
SY SY_ConversionDriver.pvc
SY SY_EmbeddedIOCommon
SY SY_Installation.pvc
SY SY_Maint.pvc
SY SY_PvxDaxUtil.pvc
SY SY_TableConversion0500.pvc
SY SY_UI.pvc
SY SY_UnitTest.pvc
SY SY_Update.pvc

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