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  1. Additional Medicare tax is no longer calculated for an employee with zero dollar checks or for an employee with subject to Medicare wages equal to zero if the preceding employee has additional Medicare wages.
  2. Payroll has been modified to calculate the Massachusetts Employer Medical Assistance Contribution.
  3. For State eFiling and Reporting Total Tips Reported for Quarter will now populate the state forms requiring separate tip reporting by employee.
  4. In Employee Maintenance if an employee has a suffix it is now separated from the Last Name on the Federal eFiling and Reporting W2's if the last name and suffix are separated by a comma.
  5. Records in ACA Employer Maintenance and ACA Employee Maintenance will be purged during year-end processing based on the number of years selected for the Years to Retain eFiling Check History in Payroll Options. Terminated employees now remain on file and will be purged during year-end processing based on the number of years selected for Years to Retain eFiling Check History in Payroll Options.
  6. An ACA menu with three new tasks related to the Affordable Care Act has been added to the Payroll module:
    • ACA Employee Maintenance for entering information that will appear on Form 1095-C.
    • ACA Employer Maintenance for entering information that will appear on Form 1094-C.
    • ACA Applicable Large Employer Report (ALE) to generate a count of full time and full time equivalent (FTE) employees. The totals can then be updated to the ACE Employer file, and they will appear in the ALE Member Information-Monthly window accessed from ACE Employer Maintenance. 
      For more information, refer to the help for these tasks.
  7. Federal eFiling and Reporting has been modified for ACA Reporting.
  8. When processing Year End, Box 12 Codes DD & EE are now updated for Federal eFiling and Reporting W2s.
  9. In eFiling and Reporting tax rates are now 4 decimal places.
  10. Other Local Tax amount will now populate Box 14 of the W2 in Federal eFiling and Reporting when a Local Tax Code is setup with both Local Withholding Tax and Other Local Tax.

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