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The following is a list of enhancements and corrections added to Sage 100 2016.3 and released on October 25, 2016. 

Product updates are cumulative; in other words, this update includes all enhancements and program corrections found in prior updates for version 2016. Smart Update will install only the programs that have been updated since your last update was installed.  Sage 100 Advanced and Premium Workstation Synchronization automatically updates the client workstations.

If you use Sage 100 Standard over a network, run WKsUpdate Standard.exe on each workstation. This program is located in the ..\mas90\wksetup folder on the server where Sage 100 2016 Standard is installed.

All Sage 100 updates must be installed on the server where Sage 100 is installed.  

An update to the Sage Exchange Desktop (SED 2.0) is available from our web site ( after registering for and logging into the Sage Customer or Partner Portal.

  • Download and install the Sage 100 SED 2.0 Update (AR5005T KBID 75641) on the Sage 100 2016 Server.  
  • At each Sage 100 Workstation that processes Credit Card transactions, run the Sage Exchange Desktop 2.0.exe (requires Administrator privileges). This program can be found on the Sage 100 2016 Server, located in the ..\MAS90\wksetup folder.

Accounts Receivable

  1. Credit Memos now appear on the Salesperson Commission Report when running the report by Pay Date.  DevID 106197 Knowledgebase ID 77247
  2. Credit card deposits are no longer retained in deposit list after being updated.  DevID 105923 Knowledgebase ID 75882

Bank Reconciliation

  1. Error 60 SY_GridHandler.pvc 2227 no longer occurs when using Bank Reconciliation Positive Pay without a subscription registration key.  DevID 106198 Knowledgebase ID 42057


  1. AR Open Invoice UDF now flows to AP from AR Clearing  Detail. DevID 105998 Knowledgebase ID 76267

Business Insights Explorer

  1. Error no longer occurs when running Business Insights Explorer views on Windows 10 workstations with screen resolution of 1024 x 768 or lower that were upgraded from Windows 7.  DevID 106216

Fixed Assets

  1. Updating the Invoice register in Accounts Payable or Receipt Register in Purchase Order now creates the asset in Sage Fixed Assets version 2016.1 when a template is selected during data entry DevID 106347 Knowledgebase ID 79161

General Ledger

  1. Performing a Journal Reversal no longer requires “Create” rights in Role Maintenance, General  Ledger, Maintenance/Data Entry, Account Maintenance.  DevID 105893 Knowledgebase ID 75705

Library Master

  1. Journals and Registers set to automatically generate a PDF now successfully print to paperless  office via task scheduler DevID 106063
  2. A Time out no longer occurs when updating large SQL tables. DevID 106075 Knowledgebase ID 73814
  3. The field help for Item Maintenance is now accessible when pressing the F1 key or clicking a field link in the overview topic. DevID 106191 Knowledgebase ID 77451
  4. An Error: "65 Sy_launcher.pvc 722" no longer occurs when selecting Business Insights Dashboard and clicking “Click here to set up the user data”.  DevID 105935 Knowledgebase ID 75978
  5. An Unhandled Exception error no longer occurs when migrating data to Sage 100 Premium.  DevID 106199 Knowledgebase ID 71187

Purchase Order

  1. Error: “Receipt of goods xxxxxx in batch is currently referencing this purchase order” is no longer received when user does not have delete rights in PO Receipt of Goods Entry and cancels process.  DevID 105924 Knowledgebase ID 75784


  1. Direct Deposit YTD amounts are now removed during Year End Processing for terminated employees.  DevID 105884 Knowledgebase ID 75618

Sales Order

  1. No longer receive Error: "The Tracking ID is Required" in Shipping Data Entry DevID 106107 Knowledgebase ID 76515
  2. The Credit Card Deposit placed in Sales Order is no longer overwritten with freight amount when using shipping data entry. DevID 106080 Knowledgebase ID 77104
  3. Default Days until Quote Expires from SO Options is no longer ignored when setting Default in Sales Order Entry to Quote DevID 105942 Knowledgebase ID 76012
  4. When focus is on the Item Code field in Shipping Data Entry and the Next Package No. button is selected, focus now remains on the Item Code field. DevID 105898 Knowledgebase ID 78445
  5. Customer PO is now included when copying from Sales Order/Quote History to a Sales Order DevID 106138 Knowledgebase ID 77524
  6. Entry of Duplicate Invoice Numbers for Customers with a Bill-To is no longer allowed in Sales Order Invoice Data Entry DevID 106206 Knowledgebase ID 77641

Visual Integrator

  1. Error 47, program VIWASN, line 7890 no longer occurs importing into PR_EMPTAX file. DevID 105904 Knowledgebase ID 75711

Work Order Processing

  1. No longer receive Error 42 WO_CostRollupRegister_upd.pvc 201 when running the Cost Roll-up Register when routings have over 100 lines DevID 106103 Knowledgebase ID 74520
Updated by this release May require conversion
AP AP_ARClearingDetail_Bus.pvc
AR AR_CashReceiptsJournal_upd.pvc
AR AR_SalespersonCommission_rpt.pvc
BIE Common
BIE Common ExApp.exe
FL FL_FALink.pvc
FL FL_Options_bus.pvc
FL FL_Options_ui.pvc
GL GL_GeneralJournal_bus.pvc
GL GL_GeneralJournal_upd.pvc
GL GL_JournalReversal.pvc
Help IM.chm
Help pr.chm
MASHome Lib
MASHome UpdateManifest.xml
MASHome Lib _repository
MASHome Lib _Updater
MASHome Lib _repository mas5.30
MASHome Lib _repository mas5.30 app
MASHome Lib _repository mas5.30 app any
MASHome Lib _repository mas5.30 app any Home
MASHome Lib _repository mas5.30 app any Home autoupdater.ini
MASHome Lib _Updater autoupdatecustom.conf
MAS_SYSTEM SY_ConversionDriver.M4T
MD mdwmqz
Migration .project
Migration 0x0409.ini
Migration data1.hdr
Migration InstLock.txt
Migration ISSetup.dll
Migration layout.bin
Migration Migrate.exe
Migration Migration.ini
Migration setup.ini
Migration setup.inx
Migration setup.isn
PO PO_Receipt_bus.PVC
SO SO_InvoicePayment_bus.pvc
SO SO_Invoice_Bus.pvc
SO SO_SalesOrderDefaults_ui.pvc
SO SO_SalesOrder_bus.pvc
SO SO_Shipping.M4L
SO SO_Shipping_Ui.Pvc
SOA startup.m4p
SOA SWQSCR.37153030
SOA SWQSCR.40053030
SOA SWQSCR.40553030
SOA SWQSCR.41053030
SOA SWQSCR.42053030
SOA SWQSCR.43053030
SOA SWQSCR.44001053030
SOA SWQSCR.4400153030
SOA SWQSCR.4400253030
SOA SWQSCR.4400353030
SOA SWQSCR.4400453030
SOA SWQSCR.4400553030
SOA SWQSCR.4400653030
SOA SWQSCR.4400753030
SOA SWQSCR.4400853030
SOA SWQSCR.4400953030
SOA SWQSCR.44053030
SOA SWQSCR.44553030
SOA SWQSCR.4501053030
SOA SWQSCR.4502053030
SOA SWQSCR.4503053030
SOA SWQSCR.4504053030
SOA SWQSCR.4505053030
SOA SWQSCR.45053030
SOA SWQSCR.4506053030
SOA SWQSCR.4507053030
SOA SWQSCR.4508053030
SOA SWQSCR.5000953030
SOA SWQSCR.5001053030
SOA SWQSCR.5002053030
SOA SWQSCR.5003053030
SOA SWQSCR.5004053030
SOA SWQSCR.5005053030
SOA SWQSCR.50053030
SOA SWQSCR.5006053030
SOA SWQSCR.5007053030
SOA SWQSCR.5008053030
SOA SWQSCR.5009053030
SOA SWQSCR.5100153030
SOA SWQSCR.5101053030
SOA SWQSCR.5102053030
SOA SWQSCR.5103053030
SOA SWQSCR.5104053030
SOA SWQSCR.5105053030
SOA SWQSCR.51053030
SOA SWQSCR.5106053030
SOA SWQSCR.5107053030
SOA SWQSCR.5201053030
SOA SWQSCR.5202053030
SOA SWQSCR.5203053030
SOA SWQSCR.5204053030
SOA SWQSCR.5205053030
SOA SWQSCR.52053030
SOA SWQSCR.5301053030
SOA SWQSCR.53053030
SOA swquery
SY SY_BPSAdapter.pvc
SY SY_DefaultRecords.PVC
SY SY_GridHandler.pvc
SY SY_Registration.pvc
SY SY_Sql.pvc
WO WO_CostRollupRegister_Upd.pvc

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