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Purchase Order

  1. The back order quantity now shows the correct back order quantity when using Copy From Purchase Order in Purchase Order Entry. DevID 106423 Knowledgebase ID 78071

  2. Quantity on purchase order is now correct in Item Inquiry on Quantity and Orders tabs after partial receipt completes Purchase Order. DevID 106439 Knowledgebase ID 78679

  3. Purchase Orders are generated only for those items that have a vendor specified on the sales order line, when using Auto Generate from Sales Orders. DevID 106441 Knowledgebase ID 78719

  4. Purchase History Report now prints the correct period to date and year to date data when Inventory is not used. The report options for Fiscal Year and Accounting Period now appear. DevID 106443 Knowledgebase ID 78665

  5. After deleting a line from completed purchase order, the ON PO quantity calculates correctly in Item Maintenance. DevID 106463 Knowledgebase ID 78838

  6. Error: "The Receipt Type failed validation on R,I,G." no longer occurs when selecting a Receipt Number from lookup in Receipt History Inquiry after manually entering a not on file receipt. DevID 106632 Knowledgebase ID 79893

  7. Purchase Order total is now recalculating properly in Purchase Order History Inquiry for miscellaneous items that have been edited in Purchase Order Entry. DevID 106660 Knowledgebase ID 79912

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