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Sales Order

  1. Delete button is no longer defaulted when Customer Credit History window auto displays for customer on credit hold when creating sales order. OK button is now the default. DevID 105866 Knowledgebase ID 75416

  2. Credit limit checking is now performed in Shipping Data Entry. DevID 105984 Knowledgebase ID 76279

  3. Sales Order Ship Date change now changes the Promise Date for Miscellaneous Charges on the Lines tab in Sales Order Entry. DevID 105991 Knowledgebase ID 76343

  4. The Daily Shipment Report no longer displays deleted invoices/shipments when the Retain Deleted Invoices checkbox in Accounts Receivable Options is unchecked. DevID 106269 Knowledgebase ID 78230

  5. Credit memos now posts by division segment when selected in SO Invoice Data Entry for Miscellaneous Codes or Special Items. DevID 106360 Knowledgebase ID 78566

  6. Sales Order Daily Shipment Report now displays correct information when reusing deleted invoices. DevID 106446 Knowledgebase ID 78990

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