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The following is a list of enhancements and corrections that have been incorporated for Sage MAS 90 and MAS 200 version 4.50 in this Product Update. Product Updates are cumulative, containing all program corrections found in prior updates. Product Update also contains program corrections that were included in - These are also listed below for reference. The numbering scheme has been changed for 4.50 Product Updates. The third segment represents the Product Update number. This change was done to accommodate future enhancements.

After installing this Product Update, WKsUpdate 90.exe or WKsUpdate 200.exe needs to be run on each MAS Workstation. This file is located in the ..\mas90\WkSetup directory on the MAS Server. (WKsUpdate should also be run anytime WkSetup.exe is run on a MAS Workstation.)

Accounts Payable

  1. ES title 1048 converting to and higher, numeric table codes are now correctly zero filled and can be selected in Expense Distribution Table Maintenance and Invoice Entry .

 Accounts Receivable

  1. Retention amount of invoice on aging is now correct after posting an adjustment in Accounts Receivable Invoice Data Entry
  2. Invoice History Inquiry for performance reasons, the UserKey column that was part of the default ALE lookup has been removed.

Inventory Management

  1. Variance amount on item transfers is now posting to the correct G/L account when posting by warehouse
  2. "Record is missing from" printing Sales Analysis with 13th period in G/L Fiscal Year has been corrected.
  3. I/M begining balances history now corrected after upgrading to 4.50
  4. The IM Average Cost Utility has been enhanced. Please refer to on line Help for detailed information.
  5. Transfers now use the total warehouse value in the from warehouse to determine the cost for the receiving warehouse when depleting entire stock from transfer warehouse
  6. Vendor Maintenance in Item Maintenance More Button, performance has been improved
  7. Quantity on PO is nowcorrect after deleting a Purchase Order for a Work Order
  8. Unit Price on inventory item transactions for sold quantities is now unchanged during conversion
  9. Serial numbers are now created correctly when using the Starting Serial Number icon in Lot/Serial Distribution
  10. The correct cost is now being used in Inventory Transaction Entry when Selecting a Lot with a Zero Unit Cost.

Library Master

  1. In a custom Crystal Report, using the JC_93 Job Billing UDF table, now populates the Invoice Number and Invoice Type columns.
  2. In form printing, form codes are no longer duplicated after migrating from an installation prior to
  3. Paperless Office Log Migration Utility has been added to MAS Utilities in version 4.50
  4. Error updating SY_SagePEPTrack: PHYSICAL UPDATE ABORT: SY_SagePEPTrack, no longer occurs when running Parallel Migration

Material Requirements Planning

  1. MRP Generation now reflects Bill of Material Engineering Changes for Bill Components related
    to Projected Demands
  2. Work Orders components are now in correct warehouse group in MRP inquiry

Purchase Order

  1. Purchase Order Recap now shows the completed Purchase Order status correctly after purging Completed Purchase Orders
  2. Purchase Order Status now changes to Open after Printing a New Purchase Order 
  3. Back Order Fill Report includes Work orders for components received when Job Cost is integrated with Purchase order.
  4. Expected Delivery Recap report now shows the correct quantity available.
  5. Step Description now populates when adding a WO and step to a PO line
  6. Quantity on PO is now correct following a receipt of goods update when some of the items on the PO are received, but the item is question is not.
  7. A PO that has a Return of goods processed against it can now be edited.
  8. Auto Reorder Listing now includes the issued quantities with the Quantity Sold.
  9. Postings to PO Varianceadjust account now correctly post by warehouse and substitute the 'Location' segment as defined in Warehouse Maintenance.
  10. The purchase order now retains status of New if the inventory item has not been received.


  1. Quarterly 941 Printing has been enhanced to include 2012 941 Form Changes.
  2. When importing into Payroll Data Entry the tips reported deduction is now automatically calculated if tips reported earnings are imported before regular earnings.
  3. In Federal eFiling and Reporting a payroll check with zero earnings and a net zero tax adjustment will now populate the W2/1099 Preparer.
  4. In Payroll Data Entry if a line is inserted as the first line in the entry, the line is no longer removed when selecting to Recalculate Deductions.
  5. The Message "Report output exceeds printer width or the record length was exceeded on a file write operation" then "Error 1 PR_LevelConversion.pvc 1731" when converting data to 4.50 in
  6. Sage MAS90 or 200" no longer occurs.
  7. In Federal eFiling and Reporting the employee email address will now populate the W2/1099
  8. Preparer when the employee number is less than 9 characters
  9. An Error 47 PR_efiling.pvc 1221 no longer occurs in Federal eFiling and Reporting processing
  10. W2's when there is no data to print. 

Sales Order

  1. Error 41 SO_InvoiceDetail_bus.pvc 501 when entering fractional shipped quantity has been corrected
  2. Sales Order entry can now enter the P/O U/M
  3. "XXX is not on file" no longer occurs when creating ship-to codes when user does not have create rights in role maintenance
  4. Shipping Data Entry screens no longer hang when trying to invoice a sales order without credit card authorization. Instead the screen is properly cleared to allow the next order to be shipped.
  5. P-T-D and Y-T- D QTYs and Dollar Sold amounts on the Daily Sales Recap by Product Line and by Warehouse By Product Line are now correct.
  6. Next Automatic Purchase Order Number now refreshes the PO number during PO Generation from Sales Order
  7. In Sales Order Journal Update, the Daily Transaction Register no longer double posts invoices when the journal has been printed and updated in the first pass.

 System Setup

  1. The MAS 90/200 Help Files have been updated in this release. To update your local Help Files, run WKSUpdate located in the MAS 90/200 Server's ..\mas90\wksetup directory from each MAS 90/200 Workstation.

Visual Integrator

  1. Batch Number is now being replaced in Visual Integrator import if other header fields do not change in the source file.

Work Order Processing

  1. Work Order Journal Update now writes two decimal places to IM tables. 

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