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Sage released on 3/26/2013 the second product update for version 2013 ( Product update 6 for version 4.5 was also release at this same time. Product Updates are cumulative, comprised of all program corrections found in prior updates. Smart Update will install only the programs that need to be updated since your last Product Update Installation. If you choose to install this Product Update on a system that already has Product Update 2 installed, all programs released in Product Updates 1 and 2 will be reinstalled.

Sage 100 ERP Advanced and Premium Smart Update now updates the client workstation automatically. This replaces the need to run WKsUpdate.exe after installing a product update. Users running Sage 100 ERP Standard over a network will still need to run WKsUpdate Standard.exe on each workstation. This program is located in the ..\mas90\wksetup directory on the Sage 100 ERP Standard Server. 

For Users who have also installed Sage 100 ERP 2013 CRM, beginning with Product Update 1, a Quick Order Entry Component Update.exe is installed to the ..\mas90\RWC directory. Users will need to copy and execute this file on the Sage 100 ERP 2013 CRM server if they have not already done so.

All Sage 100 ERP 2013 Product Updates will require the installation to be from the Sage 100 ERP Server. Significant enhancements have been introduced in Sage 100 ERP 2013 and its Updates. These include: Smart Update, Workstation Synchronization and Sage Auto Update. Part of these enhancements requires the Product Update to make changes to the local registry, necessitating a server side installation. This Product Update can be installed from the Sage 100 ERP 2013 Server either physically at the
console or by connecting to it through Remote Desktop.
Hot Fix
3/29/2013 PR5003-T The 941 Form for 2013 is not aligning correctly when Sage 100 workstation display settings are not set to 100% (default).
5/3/2013 AP5001-T AP from AR Clearing Register hangs updating the register when clearing customers with multiple invoices.
5/08/2013 AR5002-T Cash Receipts Journal Update hangs, the message "Errors have been encountered" may also occur.
5/22/2013 LM5003-T The following conversion record failed while converting (company code) CI_SageExchange Processing" occurs during conversion process in Sage 100 ERP 2013. Or an "Error 88 SY_File.pvc 1021" or "ModuleCode_Task_UI" occurs when opening various tasks on Sage 100 Standard ERP 32-bit Workstations.
Revised: 7/2/2013
5/22/2013 SO5001-T An 'Error 42 SO_SalesJournal_upd.pvc 6652' occurs updating the Daily Sales Journal. Or an "Error 88 SY_File.pvc 1021" or "ModuleCode_Task_UI" occurs when opening various tasks on Sage 100 Standard ERP 32-bit Workstations.
Revised: 7/2/2013
6/14/2013 LM5004-T The Tray selection for a Multi-Part printer is changed by the tray selection for another printer. Or 'Unable to print . Missing parameter values' message occurs when printing a custom crystal report that contains a parameter. Or Report Performance is slower in Sage 100 ERP 2013 compared to version 4.50.
7/8/2013 LM5005-T "Cannot initialize the data source of OLE DB provider "MSDASQL" for linked server" occurs when testing connection of Linked Servers on Windows Server 2008 R2 to Sage 100 data files. Or Unable to install 64-bit ODBC Driver on a workstation that only has Sage 100 Standard Workstation Setup installed.
  Sage CRM 7.1 Patch I  

Accounts Payable

  1. In the ACH file, field 8 the Number of Addenda Records in the CTX Entry Detail Record is now populated with a value (0000) when the Include Addenda Records is not selected in ACH Interface Maintenance.
  2. An ERROR 41 AP_VENDOR_BUS.PVC 382 no longer occurs when running Period End Processing for Accounts Payable.
  3. In Electronic Payment Remittance Advice Printing when Print G/L Distribution is selected the Vendor Remittance Advice numbers now print in sequential order.

Accounts Receivable

  1. One step AR Cash Receipt Entry tab sequence now moves to check or credit card entry field after invoice number field.
  2. The message "Data is not selected for report printing" during Statement printing for Balance Forward customers where a Finance Charge is the only remaining balance, no longer occurs.
  3. The Credit Warning Message in Accounts Receivable is now the same as in Sales Order.
  4. The AR Trial Balance Report total no longer changes after running an AR Period End for Balance Forward Customers.

Bill of Materials

  1. Costed Bill of Materials Report Selected Bill option "round extended quantity for Integer Unit of Measure" now rounds the sub-bill correctly.
  2. Bill Disassembly Entry for Purchased Items, now updates inventory cost detail correctly.
  3. Costed Bill of Materials - Extended Cost now Calculates for Sub Bill within Option Bill.
  4. To prevent the Bill of Material Gross Requirements Report from containing entries selected from the same report, ran on another workstation, an "in use" message has been added.

Bank Reconciliation

  1. Entries missing from Bank Reconciliation has been corrected.

Common Item

  1. The symbols fields and preview buttons have been removed from bank code maintenance. The information here was misleading, giving users the impression that nothing else needed to be done to the reports to get MICR fields to print. Users still need to go to every crystal report and add the MICR field and select the correct font in order for the MICR information to print. Users should then print a sample of every report to make sure everything prints correctly. The preview in bank code maintenance was also misleading that the font chosen here would print corretly in Crystal since it displayed properly. But adobe fonts that were not compatible with Crystal and which would not print, would display correctly in Bank Code Maintenance.


  1. UDFs created in RMA now display data correctly.

Crystal Reports

  1. Crystal Reports printing and paperless journal generation performance have been improved in Sage 100 ERP 2013.


  1. A Function Break has been added in CU_RelationShipWizard_UI.

Inventory Management

  1. Physical count entry is now retained for active items that have inactive bills of material.
  2. Items with ~ character in the item number can now be selected in reports.
  3. A program modification is included in this Product Update for the reported issue " Physical Count Entry appears to hang when loading approximately 30,000 Inventory Items."

Please note that expected time to load approximate 30,000 items is 4 to 5 minutes. As an alternative, Use Card Count Entry as a solution instead. In most cases it is the preferable solution.

  1. The message “A General Ledger account that was found is not on file” no longer occurs when updating the Inventory Transaction Journal.
  2. Users are no longer able to do an inventory transfer of a serial number when that serial number already has a qty on hand in the target warehouse.

Library Master

  1. BM Costed Materials Wrk UDFs now populate with data from CI_Item:BillNo$ or CI_ItemCI:ComponentItemCode columns.

Master Developer Utilities

  1. Sage 100 printing or preview no longer fails when running through pvxcom.

Paperless Office

  1. Financial Reports Paperless Office Documents no longer "go missing" when printed for the same Accounting Date.


  1. In Check Printing, after payroll checks are printed the prompt “Do you want to print a Check Register?” now displays and the Check Register can be printed and updated when processing graphical checks from a workstation.
  2. In Federal eFiling and Reporting the correct Additional Medicare Wages populate the 941 Form. There is no longer a difference on the Employee Totals Verification report when an employee has Additional Medicare Taxes.
  3. When a Payroll entry has multiple Tips Reported earnings lines after Recalculating Deductions the Tips Reported deductions are no longer duplicated in the entry .
  4. The variance calculation on the Quarterly Tax Report now includes the Additional Medicare rate of .9%.
  5. In Federal eFiling and Reporting the correct Additional Medicare Wages populate the 941 Form.
  6. Quarterly 941 Printing has been modified with the 2013 changes to IRS Form 941.

Return Materials Authorization

  1. RMA Receipts History Report no longer has an Extension Amount if the quantity received is zero.
  2. Warehouse is blank when a sales order is created from the RMA module with an Inactive Item has been corrected.

Sales Order

  1. A Sales Order memo will now display in AR Invoice History Inquiry when an invoice is created in Shipping Data Entry.
  2. Sales Tax Collected amount does not update for Sales Order Invoice paid in full by deposit has been corrected.
  3. Sales Recap reports do not match prior version after conversion from 4.05 to 4.50 has been corrected.

System Setup

  1. The error "Error Occurred Processing: PERFORM 'SY_CommonUI.pvc;Status_Post_Load'" when enhancing SY_CommonUI.pvc no longer occurs.

Visual Integrator

  1. Error when importing into AP invoice Error 27 VIxxxx 554 no longer occurs.

Work Order

  1. A Negative material issue to the original material step, now correctly increments Quantity Required for Work Order.
  2. The Work Order Transaction Register no longer updates the incorrect Serial Number to inventory if the number entered on completion already exists - a message will now display when the starting serial number already exists and has a quantity on hand.

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