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The following is a list of enhancements and corrections added to Sage 100 2015 Update 4 ( and released on March 9, 2016.

Product updates are cumulative; in other words, this update includes all enhancements and program corrections found in prior updates for version 2015. Smart Update will install only the programs that have been updated since your last update was installed.

Sage 100 Advanced and Premium Workstation Synchronization automatically updates the client workstations.

If you use Sage 100 Standard over a network, run WKsUpdate Standard.exe on each workstation. This program is located in the ..\mas90\wksetup folder on the server where Sage 100 2015 Standard is installed.

All Sage 100 updates must be installed on the server where Sage 100 is installed.
MBA Business Software customers that are on Software Support Preferred (SSA-PF) can contact us to schedule your update to this version.  As part of your support plan, minor updates and hot fixes are included.  Not on a support plan but interested?  Find out more about what MBA offers for supportAn updated "eBusiness Web Services.exe" was introduced in Update 1 and is being installed to the Sage 100 2015 Server's ..\MAS90\WS folder to correct the following issue: "UnitPrice is no longer being reset in Sales Order Detail when previewing orders with eBusiness Web Services." Existing eBusiness Web Services users should update their existing installation by uninstalling the existing eBusiness Web Services and installing the updated version. (OPTIONAL Method, existing users can replace their existing Sage100ERP.WebServices.dll with the updated version also located in the ..\MAS90\WS folder on the Sage 100 ERP 2015 Server.)

New eBusiness Web Services users should install using the updated "eBusiness Web Services.exe" located in the Sage 100 2015 Server's ..\MAS90\WS folder.

Accounts Payable

  1. For 2015, Box 13 Bond premium on tax-exempt bond has been added for 1099-INT.  Defect 104768
  2. Form 1099 eFiling and Reporting has been modified for reporting Form 1099-INT Box 13 Bond premium on tax-exempt bond.  The ability to sort by the Sort Field in Vendor Maintenance has been added for 1099 eFiling and Reporting.  Defect 104771

Accounts Receivable

  1. Cash Receipts entries are no longer missing from the Cash Receipts Journal after a batch is renumbered.  Defect 105386 Knowledgebase ID 71842

Bill of Materials

  1. Creation of a new Option Bill in Option Bill Maintenance no longer defaults to the Routing assigned to the Main Bill Header. Substeps from the parent bill are no longer duplicated. Defect 105256 Knowledgebase ID 70343

Bank Reconciliation

  1. An Error: "60 BR_CHECKDEPADJUSTENTRY_UI.PVC 904", no longer occurs when entering an invalid bank code in Bank Reconciliation Check, Deposit and Adjustment entry.  Defect 105384 Knowledgebase ID 71497

Business Insights

  1. An Error 88 SY_ReportEngine.pvc 1438 no longer occurs when creating a new report in Business Insights.  Defect 105288 Knowledgebase ID 63620

General Ledger

  1. GL Financial Report filters are now working on Reports in all Report Groups. Defect 105359
  2. GL Exchange filters are now working correctly.  Defect 105360
  3. An Error 0 GL_GeneralJournal_bus.pvc, Line 283 no longer occurs when creating General Journal Entries using Copy from History.  Defect 104938 Knowledgebase ID 68311

Library Master

  1. ALE Exports to Excel, no longer exhibit a problem with numeric columns setup with variables as masks.  Defect 105301
  2. A Warning message now appears when disabling credit card processing, that both source and target installations will be affected (disabled), if data has been migrated.  Defect 105410
  3. Error, "Missing Selection for Column $" no longer occurs when the Task Scheduler Log prints.  Defect 104760

Material Requirements Planning

  1. Auto Generate Work order no longer creates incorrect quantities for Phantom Bill components.  Defect 105341

Purchase Order

  1. An Error 65 PO_PurchaseOrderDetail_bus.pvc 1420 or 1421 no longer occurs when using the Purchase Order Copy From feature for a company without Inventory files setup or installed.  Defect 105153 Knowledgebase ID 69740
  2. The Extended amount is now calculates correctly for a Material Requisition type Purchase Order.  Defect 105382 Knowledgebase ID 71576


  1. The Total Employee Count on the ACA Applicable Large Employer (ALE) Report is now correct when the Seasonal Employee flag defaults incorrectly for new employees transferred from Abra. Defect 105546 Knowledgebase ID 73076
  2. A new Plan Start Month has been added to ACA Employee Maintenance.  Defect 105316
  3. After printing the ACA Applicable Large Employer (ALE) Report, an error 47 PR_AcaAleRepor_rpt.pvc line 511 no longer occurs updating the Full-Time and Total Employee Counts if Period End Starting and Ending Dates span 13 months.  Defect 105547 Knowledgebase ID 73091

Sales Order

  1. When the invoice total is less than the credit card deposit amount authorized in sales order entry, 100% of the deposit will be applied to the invoice if the invoice has no back ordered lines. It will result in a negative invoice balance. The user is responsible for the credit card refund for the extra deposit received.  Defect 104744 Knowledgebase ID 66206
  2. The Item bill revision number is no longer blank after copying from sales order/quote history or invoice history.  Defect 105282 Knowledgebase ID 69557
  3. The parent item of an exploded kit will not be used in the calculation to determine if the "The quantity packed does not match the quantity shipped" message displays in Shipping Data Entry.  Defect 105252 Knowledgebase ID 69726
  4. The Due Date is no longer blank in Sales Order Invoice entry for Terms Code 00 when entering a 1-step SO Invoice.  Defect 105128 Knowledgebase ID 67289
  5. Rebuild sorts program for S/O (SOZUZA) now correctly handles data that is missing Item/Whse records.  Defect 105218 Knowledgebase ID 69390
  6. Sales order numbers less than 7 characters that contain a period (.) are now valid in Shipping Data Entry.  Defect 105095 Knowledgebase ID 69317

Visual Integrator

  1. The Error: "Invalid job definition. Record type PY is defined without a corresponding data element.", no longer occurs when importing into SO_SalesOrderHeader on Sage 100 Premium.  Defect 105150 Knowledgebase ID 69647

Work Order Processing

  1. Work Order Cost Roll-up for Standard valuation items no longer adds calculated Yield % amount twice to the total cost.  Defect 105057 Knowledgebase ID 68729
  2. Work Order History Inquiry now displays Memos correctly.  Defect 88834 Knowledgebase ID 106947 Resolution ID 511418

Updated by this release May require conversion
AP AP_Form1099eFileandReport_ui.pvc
AP AP_Vendor1099Payments_bus.pvc
AP AP_Vendor1099Payments_ui.pvc
AR AR_CashReceiptsDeposit_bus.pvc
BM BM_BillOption_bus.pvc
BR BR_CheckDepAdjustEntry_ui.pvc
BR BR_CommonEntry_Ui.pvc
CI CI_BankCodeMaintenance_ui.pvc
DDICTS prfile.dd
DDICTS prfld.dd
GL GL_GeneralJournal_bus.pvc
GL GL_PaySyncWizard_ui.pvc
Help CC.chm
Help CI.chm
Help FAQs.chm
Help pr.chm
MASHome Ionic.Zlib.dll
MASHome Lib
MASHome Sage.DirectDeposit.dll
MASHome Sage.Sync.Abra.dll
MASHome Sage100ERP.Reporting.dll
MASHome Sage100ERP.Reporting.dll.manifest
MASHome SageNA.Payroll.SyncClient.dll
MASHome SageNA.Payroll.SyncClient.dll.manifest
MASHome UpdateManifest.xml
MASHome Lib _repository
MASHome Lib _Updater
MASHome Lib _repository mas5.20
MASHome Lib _repository mas5.20 app
MASHome Lib _repository mas5.20 app any
MASHome Lib _repository mas5.20 app any Home
MASHome Lib _repository mas5.20 app any manifest.conf
MASHome Lib _repository mas5.20 app any Home autoupdater.ini
MASHome Lib _Updater autoupdatecustom.conf
MAS_SYSTEM SY_ConversionDriver.M4T
MAS_SYSTEM SY_FormseFilingVersion.M4T
MD mdwmqz
PO PO_PurchaseOrderDetail_bus.pvc
PR Prwfqc
PR prwfxa
PR PR_ACAALEReport_rpt.pvc
PR PR_ACAEmployee.M4L
PR PR_ACAEmployee_bus.pvc
PR PR_ACAEmployee_ui.pvc
PR PR_DirectDeposit.pvc
PR PR_DirectDepositLogPurge.M4L
PR PR_DirectDepositLogPurge_ui.pvc
PR PR_DirectDepositProcessing_ui.pvc
PR PR_DirectDepositSvcActivity.M4L
PR PR_DirectDepositSvcActivity_bus.pvc
PR PR_DirectDepositSvcActivity_rpt.pvc
PR PR_DirectDepositSvcActivity_ui.pvc
PR PR_DirectDepositSvcReference_bus.pvc
PR PR_eFiling.pvc
Reports GL_PayOptionsListing.rpt
Reports PR_DirectDepositSvcActivityLog.rpt
SO sozuza
SO SO_CommonPayment_bus.pvc
SO SO_InvoicePayment_bus.pvc
SO SO_Invoice_Bus.pvc
SO SO_SalesOrderDetail_bus.pvc
SO SO_Shipping_bus.pvc
SO SO_Shipping_Ui.Pvc
SOA swcocx
SOA SWQSCR.37152040
SOA SWQSCR.40052040
SOA SWQSCR.40552040
SOA SWQSCR.41052040
SOA SWQSCR.42052040
SOA SWQSCR.43052040
SOA SWQSCR.44001052040
SOA SWQSCR.4400152040
SOA SWQSCR.4400252040
SOA SWQSCR.4400352040
SOA SWQSCR.4400452040
SOA SWQSCR.4400552040
SOA SWQSCR.4400652040
SOA SWQSCR.4400752040
SOA SWQSCR.4400852040
SOA SWQSCR.4400952040
SOA SWQSCR.44052040
SOA SWQSCR.44552040
SOA SWQSCR.4501052040
SOA SWQSCR.4502052040
SOA SWQSCR.4503052040
SOA SWQSCR.4504052040
SOA SWQSCR.4505052040
SOA SWQSCR.45052040
SOA SWQSCR.4506052040
SOA SWQSCR.4507052040
SOA SWQSCR.4508052040
SOA SWQSCR.5000952040
SOA SWQSCR.5001052040
SOA SWQSCR.5002052040
SOA SWQSCR.5003052040
SOA SWQSCR.5004052040
SOA SWQSCR.5005052040
SOA SWQSCR.50052040
SOA SWQSCR.5006052040
SOA SWQSCR.5007052040
SOA SWQSCR.5008052040
SOA SWQSCR.5009052040
SOA SWQSCR.5100152040
SOA SWQSCR.5101052040
SOA SWQSCR.5102052040
SOA SWQSCR.5103052040
SOA SWQSCR.5104052040
SOA SWQSCR.5105052040
SOA SWQSCR.51052040
SOA SWQSCR.5106052040
SOA SWQSCR.5107052040
SOA SWQSCR.5201052040
SOA SWQSCR.52052040
SOA swquery
SOA swzurl
SOA sy0dct.soa
SOA SY0DD1.520
SOA sy0dd2.soa
SOA sy0dd4.soa
SOA sy0dd5.soa
SOA sy1q01.soa
SOA sy1q02.soa
SOA sy1q03.soa
SOA sy1q04.soa
SOA sy1qdd.soa
SOA sy_StartupLegacy.m4p
SY SY_1099Setup_bus.pvc
SY SY_BPSAdapter.pvc
SY SY_Company_bus.pvc
SY SY_Company_Svc.pvc
SY SY_Company_ui.pvc
SY SY_ConversionDriver.pvc
SY SY_DefaultRecords.PVC
SY SY_DirectDepositApply.m4p
SY SY_DirectDepositApply.pvc
SY SY_EmbeddedIOCommon
SY SY_Installation.pvc
SY SY_ProcessURL.M4P
SY SY_Progress.pvc
SY SY_Selection.pvc
SY SY_Session.pvc
SY SY_SPREvents.pvc
SY SY_SystemConfigListing_rpt.pvc
SY SY_TableConversionCommon.pvc
SY SY_Utility.pvc
Utility AR_VerifyCreditCardGUID_utl
WO Wowuza
WO WO_CostRollupRegister_Upd.pvc
New files:

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