Custom Office Enhancements in Sage 100 Cloud 2018.3

Written by Todd Martin on .

Several changes and improvements were made to the Custom Office module including:
  • Calculator Option for Numeric Fields - A calculator check box has been added to the Multi-Line Definition window. Select this check box to include the calculator button next to the field.
  • Buttons Appear in Screen Editor - In the Customizer screen editor, Calendar, Calculator, and Lookup buttons now appear as they do when using the screen in Sage 100.
  • Ability to Exclude UDFs from Selection Grids - Use the new ’Exclude from Report Selection’ check box when adding a user-defined field (UDF) to a table for a main entity, such as AR_Customer, to exclude the UDF from selection grids for reports that use the table.
exclude from report selection

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Sage CRM 2017 R2 - What's New

Written by Todd Martin on .

Sage CRM 2017 R2 (Release 2) is now available, featuring key updates to the calendar functions along with several enhancements in other areas of the software. Here’s a look at the best features in this newest product release.

Calendar Enhancements

Building on enhancements in recent releases, the Sage CRM Calendar continues to evolve. When it comes to the Team Calendar, 2017 R2 adds the ability to view appointments assigned to team members within the new Timeline View. You can even customize colors used to represent each user or team member.

In addition, the Month View has been reinstated and shows appointments that you and your colleagues have planned for the selected month. This release also adds the option to print calendars.
Sage CRM Timeline View in Team Calendar

Email Enhancements

The built-in email client in Sage CRM 2017 R2 introduces new

Sage Intelligence Reporting Changes in 2015

Written by Kate Phillips on .

Intelligence Reporting in Sage 100 ERP 2015 includes a number of changes and new features that give you more control over financial reporting. In particular, functionality of the Report Designer Layout Generator was combined with the Report Designer Add-in, providing powerful new options for creating financial reports customized to your needs. Let’s take a look.

7 Good Reasons to Invest in Mobile CRM

Written by Todd Martin on .

You've heard it all before... the future of business is mobile, more people rely on their phones than ever before, tablets are outpacing desktops, and so on .. so why haven't you invested in Sage CRM Mobile yet?

The benefits of mobile CRM go beyond tech trends and business jargon. It can actually have a significant impact on your company, your employee's day-to-day interactions, and your bottom line. Here are 7 reasons you should invest in Sage CRM Mobile today.

Using Sage CRM and Dropbox?

Written by Todd Martin on .

Dropbox is a free online service that lets you save and share files and documents “in the cloud.”  Any file you save in your Dropbox is synchronized and available across your computer, tablet, and mobile device. It has become popular in the workplace, allowing you to easily share documents with your professional network without emailing huge files.

And now, you can view Dropbox events(uploads, downloads, changes) within Sage CRM, making it easier to track things like brochures and price sheets that you’ve shared with prospects. Click below to learn more:

Using Dropbox in Sage CRM

Look into the Future - Sage Summit 2012

Written by Todd Martin on .

Sage Summit 2012 has wrapped up and everyone has gone home. There were lots to see and new features and functions being announced. One of the big buzzwords that were going around at Summit was Cloud Hybrid. What is Cloud Hybrid? It is an integration with Windows Azure. Windows Azure allows for sage to link on premise data with in the cloud data and provide a common interface to other applications across all their product lines. This shows in a video that Sage did called "Business. Anywhere. Anytime. Made possible by Sage." What they are showing is a iPad interface to a sage product going through Windows Azure. While at Summit, I got a chance to play with an iPad that had this running on it. It was neat to be able to access my real time data. 

Multiple Automatic Earnings for Payroll

Written by Todd Martin on .

A new feature that was added with product update is multiple automatic earnings for payroll. You can now set up automatic earnings codes for employees to help with the data entry process in Payroll. Once defined, they can be used to automatically create Payroll Date Entry line entries using Auto Pay. This is beneficial for employees whose hours are routinely distributed to multiple earnings codes.

In this video from Sage University we can see how to use the new feature.

Sage MAS 90 and 200 ERP Product Update 2 (

Written by Todd Martin on .

After four months, Sage released the second product update to Sage MAS 90 and 200 ERP version 4.40 ( on 7/16/10. The second Product Update is available via a compact download from Sage Online. Delivering additional features and functionality and product enhancements as an additional on-plan customer benefit, Product Update 2 delivers value across the system and in a range of modules including Bank Reconciliation, Accounts Payable, and Paperless Office. The Pre-release notification went into detail about new features that this release will include. Many of these enhancements are the result of incorporating the main features and functionality of select Extended Solutions into the core product, and others are totally new customer-requested features that solve pain points.

Also included in Product Update 2 is a new Pre-Installation Data Scan utility that will help identify data issues prior to installation.

If Master Developer or Extended Solutions customizations have been made to your Sage MAS 90 or 200 software, contact your Sage Software business partner or Master Developer before installing any Service Pack or Product Update.

Before installing product update, please note the following:

  • We highly recommend that you back up your system before installing any updates or version upgrades. Otherwise, data may be lost if the update fails.
  • Product Update 2 ( includes a Pre-Installation Data Scan utility that helps identify potential data issues prior to installation.
  • Install this Product Update from the same computer that was used to install Sage ERP MAS 90 or 200.
  • After installing the product update, run WksUpdate.exe from the server's ..\Mas90\Wksetup folder at each workstation on which you would like to update the local help files.

The following is a list of enhancements and corrections that have been incorporated for Sage MAS 90 and MAS 200 version 4.40 in this Product Update. Product Updates are cumulative, containing all program corrections found in prior updates.

Pre-Installation Product Update Scan Functionality

Written by Todd Martin on .

The purpose of the scan functionality, introduced in the latest product and service updates (version is to quickly identify data files that will not successfully convert in the update. The scan reads the primary key of each .M4T table for the selected company(s) (excluding reporting tables, but including Sage MAS_System tables) and identifies those data files that will not complete a physical update. At the completion of the scan, a log is displayed listing company data files scanned and data files that must be corrected prior to continuing the update installation. If data file discrepancies are identified in the log the update installation should be canceled and the discrepancies addressed prior to completing the update installation. The scan is not all encompassing, there are data file issues that that will not be identified by this first version of the utility and the scan is not a replacement for routine data maintenance. Please see below for exceptions to the current utility.

August 2006 - Volume 6 - Issue 4

Written by Todd Martin on .

This Issues Topics:

Sage MAS 90 Purchase Order Module

Every company buys products and services, even if they do not resell those products or use them in a manufacturing process. You purchase office supplies, computer hardware and software, office furniture, magazine subscriptions, and a host of other products. You also purchase services such as tax preparation, legal consulting, and temporary employment. All of these items can be handled more efficiently by using...

Headline News
Sage Software’s annual customer conference, Sage Summit, will be held November 5-8, 2006 at the Gaylord Opryland in Nashville. Here you can connect with fellow software users...

Sage MAS 90 Version 4.2 Preview
Sage MAS 90 Version 4.2 is nearly ready for release. While this version focuses on the Accounts Payable module, there are several other notable improvements. Here we give a quick overview of what you can look forward to...

Avoiding A Disaster
It is called a Disaster Recovery Plan for a reason. If you’ve ever experienced a system crash or heard the horror story of someone who has been through one without a Disaster Recovery Plan, you probably understand how aptly it is named. Such a plan can be as simple as backup and restore procedures or as complex as off-site data storage and...

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