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For Federal eFiling and Reporting of the W-2s, the employee e-mail address will now populate the Electronic Delivery column in the W2/1099 Preparer. If you have not done so already, to set up the employee's e-mail address you will need to do the following:

Paperless Office:

    1. From Paperless Office Setup menu select Options. Select the Forms checkbox.
    2. From Paperless Office Setup menu select Form Maintenance. Complete the following:
      1. Company Code
      2. Module Code (P/R)
      3. Document (Direct Deposit Stub)
      4. PDF Directory
      5. Override Password/Confirm Password


    1. From Payroll Setup menu select Options. On the Direct Deposit tab select Require Direct Deposit checkbox.
    2. From the Payroll Main menu select Employee Maintenance. Select employee, select the Direct Deposit checkbox and then click the Direct Deposit button.
    3. On the Direct Deposits window click the Paperless button.
    4. On the Paperless Office Delivery Options window complete the following:
      1. PDF Document Password
      2. E-mail Address (for employee).
      3. Accept

After setting up the e-mail address for an employee, if that employee is not paid by Direct Deposit you may deselect the Direct Deposit checkbox on the Main panel in Employee Maintenance. The e-mail address entered will be retained. You will need to perform the Payroll steps 2 through 4 for each employee you want to set up with an e-mail address.

    1. New W2 Box 12 Codes DD & EE have been added for W2 Federal eFiling and Reporting.
    2. New field Kind of Employer has been added to Federal eFiling and Reporting for W2 Reporting.
    3. In Federal eFiling and Reporting new local codes have been added for Ohio.
    4. Deduction Code Maintenance and W2 Form Printing have been modified to allow entry of new Box 12 Code DD & EE.
    5. Federal eFiling and Reporting has been updated with new federal tax codes for Puerto Rico and local codes for Ohio.

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