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The following is a list of enhancements and corrections added to Sage 100 2015 Update 5 and released on June 22, 2016.

Product updates are cumulative; in other words, this update includes all enhancements and program corrections found in prior updates for version 2015. Smart Update will install only the programs that have been updated since your last update was installed.  Sage 100 Advanced and Premium Workstation Synchronization automatically updates the client workstations.

If you use Sage 100 Standard over a network, run WKsUpdate Standard.exe on each workstation. This program is located in the ..\mas90\wksetup folder on the server where Sage 100 2015 Standard is installed.

All Sage 100 updates must be installed on the server where Sage 100 is installed.

An updated "eBusiness Web Services.exe" was introduced in Update 1 and is being installed to the Sage 100 2015 Server's ..\MAS90\WS folder to correct the following issue: "UnitPrice is no longer being reset in Sales Order Detail when previewing orders with eBusiness Web Services."

Existing eBusiness Web Services users should update their existing installation by uninstalling the existing eBusiness Web Services and installing the updated version. (OPTIONAL Method, existing users can replace their existing Sage100ERP.WebServices.dll with the updated version also located in the ..\MAS90\WS folder on the Sage 100 ERP 2015 Server.)

New eBusiness Web Services users should install using the updated "eBusiness Web Services.exe" located in the Sage 100 2015 Server's ..\MAS90\WS folder.

An update to the Sage Exchange Desktop (SED 2.0) is available from our web site ( after registering for and logging into the Sage Customer or Partner Portal.

  • Download and install the Sage 100 SED 2.0 Update (AR5006T KBID 74641) on the Sage 100 2015 Server.
  • At each Sage 100 Workstation that processes Credit Card transactions, run the Sage Exchange Desktop 2.0.exe (requires Administrator privileges). This program can be found on the Sage 100 2015 Server, located in the ..\MAS90\wksetup folder.

Accounts Payable

  1. The Vendor name now prints multiple times on the AP Check Register when multiple checks are issued for same vendor. DevID 105709 Knowledgebase ID 73911
  2. the Error: "A not-on-file bank code was found" no longer occurs on the check register error log when the Check Data Files are empty in a NEW company with only CI, GL and AP activated and setup. DevID 105713 Knowledgebase ID 71242
  3. Vendor/Item Lists using the 'Begins with' Operand now returns the correct results. DevID 105647 Knowledgebase ID 73487

Accounts Receivable

  1. AR Statement printing no longer ignores aging settings when Print Separate Bill To Statement for Each Sold To Customer and aging date does not include all open invoices.  DevID 105615 Knowledgebase ID 73288
  2. An Error 11 SY_DeleteChange.pvc 564 no longer occurs when merging customers using the AR Delete and Change Customers Utility.  DevID 105134 Knowledgebase ID 69448
  3. Retention amount is no longer incorrect on AR Trial Balance when run as of a prior date  DevID 105770 Knowledgebase ID 74417
  4. Sales tax refunded (updated in Cash receipt entry) now decreases the Sales Tax Collected on the AR Sales Tax Report.  DevID 105790 Knowledgebase ID 69943
  5. Cash Receipt Entry's Amount Received field is now correct when record is missing in open invoice.  DevID 105626 Knowledgebase ID 73356
  6. When using the Rebuild Key Files Utility: Tables with CreditCardGUID in the key no longer fails the integrity check.  DevID 105792
Credit Card Processing Enhancements

Sage Payment Center

If you use Sage Payment Solutions for credit card processing, you can now use Sage Payment Center for greater visibility into your payment transactions. Use Sage Payment Center to:

-View payment stats, including recent activity, weekly and monthly totals, and recent deposits

-Settle daily transactions

•View and export reports for transactions, batches, deposits, and merchant statements

-Search for transactions by customer name, last four digits of card number, order number, reference number, and other criteria

For more information, go to the Information Center page and click the Sage Payment Solutions link.

After you've set up the Payment Center, it can be accessed from the following locations:

-The ribbon on the standard Desktop or toolbar on the classic Desktop

-The Accounts Receivable and Sales Order Main menus

-The Invoice and Receive Payment visual process flow

-The Entry and Invoice visual process flow

New Visual Process Flow

You can now access all of the tasks needed to set up credit card processing from one

screen—the new Credit Card Setup visual process flow. Select the Visual Process Flows >

Credit Card Processing > Credit Card Setup when you're ready to get started. Note that you

must have access to the new process flow in Role Maintenance.

Security Settings

The following security events have been added to Role Maintenance under Library Master:

-Allow User to Access Credit Card Processing Application Form gives access to the Sage

Payment Solutions application form when it's accessed through the embedded Desktop browser.

- Allow User to Access Payment Center gives access to the Sage Payment Center.

DevID 106016

Bill of Materials

  1. The Summarized Where-used Report now matches the Summarized where used inquiry.  DevID 105592 Knowledgebase ID 73054
  2. The Bill of Materials Bill Description 2 is now correct in Picking Sheet Printing, Component Requirement Report, Gross Requirement Report Selection Secondary Grid.  DevID 105737 Knowledgebase ID 74258


  1. Advanced Customizer Scripting now executes on SO_DailyShipment.  DevID 105498 Knowledgebase ID 72639


  1. When the customer on a new order is changed, the CRM Opportunity field and record is cleared.  DevID 103666 Knowledgebase ID 49807 Resolution ID 410150

Business Insights

MS Office 2013 64 bit users are now able to export data to Microsoft Access Database (.accdb)  from Business Insights Explorer.

There are two required components:

1. An updated Sage 100 ERP exapp.exe program that is automatically installed with Sage 100 ERP 2015.

2. The x86 (32 bit) version of the Access Database Engine.

a. This can be downloaded and installed using the following link

i. Click download

ii. Select AccessDatabaseEngine.exe (x86 version of drivers)

iii. Click Next

iv. When asked to Save or Run, select Run and follow the installation instructions.

b. If the x64 version of the database engine is installed you will not be able to install the x86 version of the database engine required for Sage 100 Business Insights Explorer. To resolve, uninstall the x64 version via Control Panel\Programs and Features then install the x86 version of the database engine.

DevID 103611

Inventory Management

  1. The Last Update User ID is now correct on the first transaction row within Item Inquiry.  DevID 105658 Knowledgebase ID 73587
  2. The quantity On PO now reflects the correct open purchase order quantity on the Inventory Reorder Report and Item Inquiry/Maintenance.  DevID 104642 Knowledgebase ID 64307
  3. Error 0 CI_ItemCode_bus.pvc 2575 no longer occurs in Item Inquiry or Item Maintenance when Physical Count Variance Register is being viewed.  DevID 104728 Knowledgebase ID 66040

Job Cost

  1. Accounts Receivable Prepayment dates no longer get corrupted in AR_TransactionPaymentHistory after Job Billing updated to same Invoice/Prepayment number and the amount is reflected in the Invoice Balance.  DevID 105739 Knowledgebase ID 74189

Library Master

  1. Update License and Subscription Information Enhancement.  An Update button has been added to the Registration tab in System Configuration. If you've made changes to your license or subscription agreement, you can click this button to download your new product key. You can still manually enter your product key, and the system automatically checks for updates every 28 days when someone logs into Sage 100.  DevID 105966
  2. Errors: "1 SY_EmbeddedIOCommon 0438" when installing Product Update or Updating UDF table, or " 43 SVMNTB 1340" when performing a Key Scan lookup on SY_EmbeddedIOSettings.m4t table no longer occur.  DevID 105744 Knowledgebase ID 74239
  3. Existing customized Lookups are no longer deleted when creating a new Lookup in the User Lookup Wizard.  DevID 105789 Knowledgebase ID 74570
  4. An Error 12 SY_CompanyCode_bus.pvc 1079 no longer occurs when copying a company with a SQL table that takes longer than 3 minutes to copy.  DevID 105714 Knowledgebase ID 73814

Purchase Order

  1. The Cost on a Standard PO created from Master/Repeating POs is now correct when

    1)the warehouse is changed on the line,

    2)the item valuation is Average Cost, and

    3)Price Level Maintenance is setup for the vendor to use Standard Cost for all items.  DevID 105379 Knowledgebase ID 71586
  2. Prepayment are no longer over-applied when there are multiple Receipt of Invoice for same  purchase order in same update.  DevID 105583 Knowledgebase ID 73121


  1. Hours entered using 1 character earnings codes can now be excluded from printing on the ACA Applicable Large Employer (ALE) Report.  DevID 105819 Knowledgebase ID 74928
  2. Users are now able to select Other direct deposit interface in PR Options for 3rd party.  DevID 105809 Knowledgebase ID 74616
  3. Frequencies (example: 24, 225) can be now entered in the Frequency field on the Automatic Earnings Code Maintenance window.  DevID 105413 Knowledgebase ID 72126

Return Materials Authorization

  1. Required Bill Option now populates in Replacement Sales Order created from a RMA Receipt.  DevID 105589 Knowledgebase ID 73228

Sales Order

  1. Sales Order no longer uses Post by Warehouse Sales/Income GL account when not selected when changing a line item in Sales Order Entry.  DevID 105417 Knowledgebase ID 73528
  2.  The Error: "This order is currently being invoiced. The invoice number is XXXXXXX" no longer occurs when accessing Sales Order Inquiry after viewing a Sales Order that is in history, then one that is being invoiced, then one in history again.  DevID 105653 Knowledgebase ID 73495
  3. Discount % field is no longer 0 after entering a shipment without permissions to override Profit Margin percent and Profit Margin is not being tracked.  DevID 105838
  4. Post Authorization is now processed during the Sage Journal update.  DevID 105458  
  5. Job Number and Description now post as G/L comment for Work in Process as described in help for the unbilled WIP being relieved from the Job when 'Relieve Work in Process' is selected.  DevID 105814 Knowledgebase ID 74827
  6. The Error: "Unable to re-sequence line number as it already exists" no longer occurs when moving lines on sales order.  DevID 105682 Knowledgebase ID 73893
  7. Auto Generated PO from SO no longer skips Orders and lines for Drop shipped items DevID 105443 Knowledgebase ID 69983
  8. Quick Print in Invoice Data Entry no longer Completes the Sales Order until all lines are resolved.  DevID 105771 Knowledgebase ID 74366
  9. Number of Shipping Labels to Print is no longer limited to 99 in Sales Order Entry.  DevID 105383 Knowledgebase ID 71577
  10. An Error 11 SO_InvoicePrinting_rpt.pvc 689 no longer occurs in SO Invoice Printing/Preview.  DevID 105335 Knowledgebase ID 71235

Visual Integrator

  1. Linked data tables can now be deleted in Visual Integrator.  DevID 105387 Knowledgebase ID 71930
  2. The Error: "The Child data source is not on file" no longer occurs when importing BillToDivison and BilltoCustomer into AR_InvoiceHistoryHeader.  DevID 105627 Knowledgebase ID 73376

Updated by this release May require conversion
AP AP_CheckRegister_upd.pvc
AR AR_CashReceiptsJournal_upd.pvc
AR AR_CashReceipts_ui.pvc
AR AR_DeleteChangeCustomers_ui.pvc
AR AR_InvoiceHistoryInquiry_bus.pvc
AR AR_PaymentType.M4L
AR AR_PaymentType_bus.pvc
AR AR_TrialBalance_rpt.pvc
BM BM_ReportBillSelection_ui.pvc
BM BM_SummarizedWhereUsed_rpt.pvc
BM BM_WhereUsedCommon.pvc
CI CI_CommonAPJournal.pvc
CI CI_CustomerAging.pvc
CI CI_eFilingCommon.pvc
CI CI_ItemCode_bus.pvc
CI CI_PaymentCenter.m4l
CI CI_PaymentCenter.m4p
CI CI_PaymentCenter_ui.pvc
Help CC.chm
Help CI.chm
Help FAQs.chm
Help lm.chm
Help so.chm
IM IM_Item.M4L
IM IM_ItemTransInquiry_ui.pvc
IM IM_Item_ui.pvc
MASHome Lib
MASHome UpdateManifest.xml
MASHome Lib _repository
MASHome Lib _Updater
MASHome Lib _repository mas5.20
MASHome Lib _repository mas5.20 app
MASHome Lib _repository mas5.20 app any
MASHome Lib _repository mas5.20 app any Home
MASHome Lib _repository mas5.20 app any manifest.conf
MASHome Lib _repository mas5.20 app any Home autoupdater.ini
MASHome Lib _Updater autoupdatecustom.conf
MAS_SYSTEM SY_ConversionDriver.M4T
MAS_SYSTEM VPF ARInvoiceAndReceive.vpt
MAS_SYSTEM VPF CICreditCardSetup.vpt
MAS_SYSTEM VPF SOEntryInvoice.vpt
PO PO_CommonEntryDetail.pvc
PO PO_GeneratePurchaseOrders.pvc
PO PO_ReceiptRegister_upd.pvc
PO PO_VendorPriceLevel_svc.pvc
PR prwfxa
RA RA_CommonEntry_ui.pvc
RA RA_GenerateSalesOrder_upd.pvc
SO SO_CommonEntry.pvc
SO SO_CommonEntryDetail.pvc
SO SO_DailyShipment_bus.pvc
SO SO_InvoicePrinting_rpt.pvc
SO SO_Invoice_Bus.pvc
SO SO_Invoice_Ui.Pvc
SO SO_Options.M4L
SO SO_Options_Svc.pvc
SO SO_SalesJournal_upd.pvc
SO SO_SalesOrder.m4l
SO SO_SalesOrder_bus.pvc
SO SO_Shipping_bus.pvc
SOA startup.m4p
SOA swqmal
SOA SWQSCR.37152050
SOA SWQSCR.40052050
SOA SWQSCR.40552050
SOA SWQSCR.41052050
SOA SWQSCR.42052050
SOA SWQSCR.43052050
SOA SWQSCR.44001052050
SOA SWQSCR.4400152050
SOA SWQSCR.4400252050
SOA SWQSCR.4400352050
SOA SWQSCR.4400452050
SOA SWQSCR.4400552050
SOA SWQSCR.4400652050
SOA SWQSCR.4400752050
SOA SWQSCR.4400852050
SOA SWQSCR.4400952050
SOA SWQSCR.44052050
SOA SWQSCR.44552050
SOA SWQSCR.4501052050
SOA SWQSCR.4502052050
SOA SWQSCR.4503052050
SOA SWQSCR.4504052050
SOA SWQSCR.4505052050
SOA SWQSCR.45052050
SOA SWQSCR.4506052050
SOA SWQSCR.4507052050
SOA SWQSCR.4508052050
SOA SWQSCR.5000952050
SOA SWQSCR.5001052050
SOA SWQSCR.5002052050
SOA SWQSCR.5003052050
SOA SWQSCR.5004052050
SOA SWQSCR.5005052050
SOA SWQSCR.50052050
SOA SWQSCR.5006052050
SOA SWQSCR.5007052050
SOA SWQSCR.5008052050
SOA SWQSCR.5009052050
SOA SWQSCR.5100152050
SOA SWQSCR.5101052050
SOA SWQSCR.5102052050
SOA SWQSCR.5103052050
SOA SWQSCR.5104052050
SOA SWQSCR.5105052050
SOA SWQSCR.51052050
SOA SWQSCR.5106052050
SOA SWQSCR.5107052050
SOA SWQSCR.5201052050
SOA SWQSCR.5202052050
SOA SWQSCR.5203052050
SOA SWQSCR.5204052050
SOA SWQSCR.52052050
SOA sy1q01.soa
SOA sy1q02.soa
SOA sy1q04.soa
SY SY_Company_bus.pvc
SY SY_Company_ui.pvc
SY SY_EditReginfo_bus.pvc
SY SY_EditReginfo_ui.pvc
SY SY_Installation.pvc
SY SY_KeyedCollection.pvc
SY SY_Launcher_ui.pvc
SY SY_LineEntryDetail_bus.pvc
SY SY_LineEntry_ui.pvc
SY SY_Metering.pvc
SY SY_Options_ui.pvc
SY SY_Registration.pvc
SY SY_SDataServer.pvc
SY SY_Security.pvc
SY SY_Session.pvc
SY SY_Sql.pvc
SY sy_user_bus.pvc
VI VI_ExportLink_BUS.pvc
VI VI_ExportLink_UI.PVC

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