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Accounts Receivable

  1. AR Statement printing no longer ignores aging settings when Print Separate Bill To Statement for Each Sold To Customer and aging date does not include all open invoices.  DevID 105615 Knowledgebase ID 73288
  2. An Error 11 SY_DeleteChange.pvc 564 no longer occurs when merging customers using the AR Delete and Change Customers Utility.  DevID 105134 Knowledgebase ID 69448
  3. Retention amount is no longer incorrect on AR Trial Balance when run as of a prior date  DevID 105770 Knowledgebase ID 74417
  4. Sales tax refunded (updated in Cash receipt entry) now decreases the Sales Tax Collected on the AR Sales Tax Report.  DevID 105790 Knowledgebase ID 69943
  5. Cash Receipt Entry's Amount Received field is now correct when record is missing in open invoice.  DevID 105626 Knowledgebase ID 73356
  6. When using the Rebuild Key Files Utility: Tables with CreditCardGUID in the key no longer fails the integrity check.  DevID 105792
Credit Card Processing Enhancements

Sage Payment Center

If you use Sage Payment Solutions for credit card processing, you can now use Sage Payment Center for greater visibility into your payment transactions. Use Sage Payment Center to:

-View payment stats, including recent activity, weekly and monthly totals, and recent deposits

-Settle daily transactions

•View and export reports for transactions, batches, deposits, and merchant statements

-Search for transactions by customer name, last four digits of card number, order number, reference number, and other criteria

For more information, go to the Information Center page and click the Sage Payment Solutions link.

After you've set up the Payment Center, it can be accessed from the following locations:

-The ribbon on the standard Desktop or toolbar on the classic Desktop

-The Accounts Receivable and Sales Order Main menus

-The Invoice and Receive Payment visual process flow

-The Entry and Invoice visual process flow

New Visual Process Flow

You can now access all of the tasks needed to set up credit card processing from one

screen—the new Credit Card Setup visual process flow. Select the Visual Process Flows >

Credit Card Processing > Credit Card Setup when you're ready to get started. Note that you

must have access to the new process flow in Role Maintenance.

Security Settings

The following security events have been added to Role Maintenance under Library Master:

-Allow User to Access Credit Card Processing Application Form gives access to the Sage

Payment Solutions application form when it's accessed through the embedded Desktop browser.

- Allow User to Access Payment Center gives access to the Sage Payment Center.

DevID 106016

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