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Sales Order

  1. Sales Order no longer uses Post by Warehouse Sales/Income GL account when not selected when changing a line item in Sales Order Entry.  DevID 105417 Knowledgebase ID 73528
  2.  The Error: "This order is currently being invoiced. The invoice number is XXXXXXX" no longer occurs when accessing Sales Order Inquiry after viewing a Sales Order that is in history, then one that is being invoiced, then one in history again.  DevID 105653 Knowledgebase ID 73495
  3. Discount % field is no longer 0 after entering a shipment without permissions to override Profit Margin percent and Profit Margin is not being tracked.  DevID 105838
  4. Post Authorization is now processed during the Sage Journal update.  DevID 105458  
  5. Job Number and Description now post as G/L comment for Work in Process as described in help for the unbilled WIP being relieved from the Job when 'Relieve Work in Process' is selected.  DevID 105814 Knowledgebase ID 74827
  6. The Error: "Unable to re-sequence line number as it already exists" no longer occurs when moving lines on sales order.  DevID 105682 Knowledgebase ID 73893
  7. Auto Generated PO from SO no longer skips Orders and lines for Drop shipped items DevID 105443 Knowledgebase ID 69983
  8. Quick Print in Invoice Data Entry no longer Completes the Sales Order until all lines are resolved.  DevID 105771 Knowledgebase ID 74366
  9. Number of Shipping Labels to Print is no longer limited to 99 in Sales Order Entry.  DevID 105383 Knowledgebase ID 71577
  10. An Error 11 SO_InvoicePrinting_rpt.pvc 689 no longer occurs in SO Invoice Printing/Preview.  DevID 105335 Knowledgebase ID 71235

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