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Sage released Product Update 6 (PU6) yesterday for Sage MAS 90 and 200 version 4.4. It is available for download from Sage Online. This update is a bug fix release. There are no new features with this release.

When installing Service Packs:

  • Install service update from the same computer that was used to install Sage MAS 90 or 200.
  • Be sure to apply this service update before data conversion.

For those customers that are on Preferred Support with MBA Business Software, remember that you get these updates installed for FREE! Call our office to schedule your appointment now to get this service update installed for you. If you are not on Preferred Support with MBA Business Software, why not call us to see what you can be getting for FREE as part of our Preferred Support.

Accounts Payable

  1. After selecting and processing invoices to be paid for an Electronic Payment Vendor where the total paid is a negative net total, a record for the negative invoice is no longer created in the ACH file (Record 6 - Entry Header record) when generating the file.

Accounts Receivable

  1. The Location Code List now displays all existing codes that begin with the character entered in the Primary Ship To field.

Bill of Matrials

  1. Production Entry now allows options to be selected if a Bill of Material has options on it and extended quantity is now calculated correctly.
  2. Costed Bill of Materials report no longer shows the components of a bill that has been removed using Engineering Change Control Entry.
  3. Serial number of item being disassembled now prints on the Disassembly Register.
  4. Serial numbers selected on disassembly parent bill no longer disappear when entering multiple entries. In addition, unable to select serial numbers in lookup that show 0 quantity available.
  5. Quantity required on Costed bill of Materials report no longer rounds up for components of phantom bills that have a non integer unit of measure.
  6. Pick Sheet Printing now prints the correct phantom bill revision.
  7. Update Invalid Bill Types utility now corrects bills with options, the Indented Bill of Materials Report no longer displays Invalid Bill for bills that are not invalid.
  8. The Summarized Bill of Materials Report now displays component information for the current revision of a subassembly.
  9. Required quantity now updated with quantity changes on the Component Requirement Report for phantom bills.
  10. Miscellaneous Item description now prints correctly on the B/M picking sheet.
  11. Single Level Bill of Material Report now displays Components for only those Options with Components defined.
  12. The Costed Bill of Materials Report now reports the correct component cost for items that are on a standard bill that is a subassembly of a standard bill, and the subassembly standard bill is not the last entry on the phantom bill.

Bank Reconcilliation

  1. Bank Reconciliation transaction now correctly posts to the General Ledger.


  1. In Sales Order Entry and Purchase Order Entry, message "Unable to access MSScript file: [Path to script]" no longer occurs when clicking the External Link Button after using Change View to the wide panel.
  2. Data in AP_InvoiceHeader UDF is now populated in AP_CheckHisotryDetail.
  3. The Purchase Order Barcode Receipt Label UDF sourced from CI Item now prints the UDF value on the form when prompted to print Barcode Receipt Labels during the Receipt of Goods update.


  1. The Inventory Management Options Listing now prints without any errors.
  2. Transaction register Average Cost is now calculated correctly when posting Adjustment type transactions.
  3. Now when you change the Explode Kit items in Product Line Maintenance the change is reflected and Explode Kit Items field is now correctly changed in Item Maintenance.
  4. Item Maintenance Orders tab now pullls correct extended description if changed on Purchase Order. When clicking on each individual PO in Item Maintenance, the extended description is the one used from the individual order.
  5. Delete and Change item now changes ALL Bill of Material component lines where the item exists.
  6. Price Levels now display on the Inventory Price List report when Price Schedule checkbox is selected.
  7. Extended Cost is now correct on Transfer To Warehouse transactions for Standard Cost Items.
  8. Item Maintenance, error message "Not a valid image file" when trying to open the image preview in Item maintenance after migrating from version 4.30 no longer occurs.
  9. Using SVTRNA to copy the Inventory Masterfile no longer copies the TotalInventoryValue to the new company.
  10. The IM_BalanceQtyOnHand_ui Utility for LIFO/FIFO items no longer creates an OVERDIST tier when selecting to change the IM CostDetail table.
  11. Error 41 IM_ItemWarehouse_Bus.pvc 641 no longer occurs when trying to print/preview the Delete Inventory Items listing.
  12. "Error 12 IM_ItemWarehouse_bus.pvc 412" no longer occurs in Delete Items if Purchase Order is not activated
  13. New progress meters/messages have been added so users can follow the process of the program during Delete and Change Items.

Job Cost

  1. The JC Job Billing UDF entity is now creating the correct key size in the JC_93 table, and rebuild keys no longer removes the records. For users that have existing records in JC_93 prior to this dictionary correction, please contact customer support for a utility to fix your data. Conversion to 4.50 will automatically correct the data, in which case the utility will not be needed.
  2. Job Profitability Report now sorts correctly when Customer is selected.

Library Master

  1. For MAS200 users only, the SY_workstation.M4t is no longer populated with workstation records that contain a blank userkey when the message "Another task is attempting to start up. Wait for the task to start before invoking another task".
  2. Data conversion from a pre-4.10 level no longer returns the error SO_ShippingQtyByItem is missing, Error 12 SO_ShippingQtyByItem 3311.
  3. CI_Item is no longer missing from the PO_PurchaseOrderWrk table.
  4. Form Code lookups are now correctly displaying customized form codes when Bar Code is enabled.
  5. Inventory Price List report now shows all items associated to the product line defined in the report generation with the calculated item price based on the price code/price level selected and defined in Price Code Maintenance.

Material Requirements Planning

  1. MRP Report for PD Item Est records, the Action by Date is now calculated correctly when the MRP Option ‘Build Time Calc for Make Items’ is set to ‘By Work Order Routing’.
  2. In MRP Auto Generate Work Orders, the correct component quantity is updated to Work Order Entry using the decimal precision chosen in CI Options Quantity.
  3. MRP Report, with MRP Option Build Time Calc for Make Items "By Work Order Routing", projected demands BC Item Est records no longer have a blank Required Date.

Purchase Order

  1. Purchase Order Receipt of Goods for a work order material issue no longer updates the Work Order line detail with incorrect, line index, incorrect quantities and u/m factor.
  2. Purchase Order conversion without Inventory activiated no longer causes an error 47 PO_LevelConversion 1742.
  3. In Return of Goods Entry, misc items, special items, or charges (if one step) now populate the Extension amount when added to the return.
  4. The PO_OpenOrderFix_utl will correct the missing items in the PO_OpenOrderDetailItem table for users at 4.40
  5. The item description entered in Sales Order is now reflected when auto generating PO's.
  6. Auto Generate Orders Selection Base Order Quantity On "Quantity On Hand" is now evaluated correctly when multiple sales orders for the same item are included in the auto generate.
  7. Return of Goods without an invoice nujmber that references a work order number no longer generates an out of balanace GL DTR.
  8. Purchase Order Entry now Uses Vendor Price Level After Changing Warehouse.
  9. In the Purchase Order Receipt of Goods Update, if a work order is referenced for a line item that has a zero unit cost, the Work Order Transaction Journal is now printed and updates to the Work Order.
  10. Now able to change the Purchase Order Option "Apply discounts to Sales Tax and Freight" from Yes to No if Sales Tax reporting is not enabled in AP options.
  11. In Purchase Order Entry, when MRP is activated, the Reschedule checkbox will default to Yes for inventory items.


  1. The error "Record in PR6 P/R Payroll Data Entry File Update will continue to retry until record is available" no longer occurs when updating Payroll Check Register while the Purchse Order Receipt of Goods Entry screen is opened.

Return Materials Authorization

  1. Now no cost is posted to General Ledger when processing a repair transaction and the RMA option to track repair items through inventory at zero cost is checked

Sales Order

  1. Now the correct Bin Location displays on the Packing List.
  2. Error 65 SO_InvoiceDetail_bus.pvc 2857 no longer occurs when creating an SO invoice from a sales order using company with no Inventory Management.

System Setup

  1. The MAS 90/200 Help Files have been updated in this release. To update your local Help Files, run WKSUpdate90.exe or WKSUpdate200.exe located in the MAS 90/200 Server's ..\mas90\wksetup directory from each MAS 90/200 Workstation.

Visual Integrator

  1. Visual Integrator Import Job IM_DeleteChangeItems now imports successfully without error.
  2. Visual Integrator for PO_ReceiptHeader import, importing Receipt of Invoice entries, now correctly updates the GL_CompanyActiveBatch file with correct record type = I.
  3. Visual Integrator SO_SalesOrderHeader import for standard orders that link back to a master order, no longer import a duplicate row on the order, and the balance quantity is correctly decremented based on the Ordered quantity imported.

Work Order Processing

  1. Work Order travelers are now printing the item code and the description.
  2. The Work Order Material Issue or Completion update no longer leaves orphaned records in the IM_DataEntryCostCalcCommit table.
  3. Now an Auto Issue Material Shortage Report is created upon Release of the Work Orders. The resulting transactions that are created reflect only Available Quantities.
  4. The first serial number is no longer skipped when using Range to distribute serialized items in Work Order Material Issue transaction.
  5. Error 47 no longer occurs when accessing a Work Order in Work Order Inquiry if the Sales Order that the item is being made for does not have a Ship Date.
  6. When completing a work order for LOT valued items using a different Standard Unit of Measure, tier quantities are now updated correctly on the IM_ItemCost.m4t file.
  7. Work Order Material issue Register now uses the correct Unit Cost for new Lot/Serial tiers being created by entering a negative quantity issue.
  8. Error 13 WOWDAB line 7354 file WOPxxx in Work Order Entry no longer occurs when Use Option Bills checkbox is unselected in Bill of Materials Options and if Option Bills are not being used.

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