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Sage 100 2019 Product Update 3 (

Written by Todd Martin on .

The following is a list of corrections and selected enhancements added to Sage 100 2019.2
For a full list of Enhancements, refer to the What's New page inside the Product.

Product updates are cumulative; in other words, this update includes all enhancements and program corrections found in prior updates for version 2019. Smart Update will install only the programs that have been updated since your last update was installed.

All Sage 100 updates must be installed on the server where Sage 100 is installed.

Accounts Payable

  1. Enhancement: The IRS 2020 Form 1099-NEC (Nonemployee Comp) is now available to select in the following Accounts Payable locations:
    • Vendor Maintenance — Default Form field on Additional tab
    • 1099 Payment History window — 1099 Form Type field
    • A/P Invoice Data Entry — (1099 Payment) Form field on the Header tab
    • Manual Check and Payment Entry — 1099 Form field on the Lines tab

      If you’ve already recorded nonemployee compensation for tax year 2020 in 1099-MISC form Box 7, a utility is available to move the totals to 1099-NEC form Box 1. For more information see AP_Update1099s_utl.pdf in the ..\mas90\utility folder on the Sage 100 Server or contact Sage Support.
  2. The 1099-MISC Form has been modified for the 2020 changes.
  3. A/P Aged Invoice Report is no longer missing headings when Accounts Payable Divisions box is unchecked in AP Options.
  4. Automatic Update of Daily Transaction Register is now working in Accounts Payable Invoice Data Entry or Manual Check Entry when AP has JC integration enabled and the invoice does not reference a job.

Accounts Receivable

  1. Error 26 SY_Common.pvc 422 no longer occurs when updating AR Sales Journal with a job number.
  2. Records in JC_JobTransactionDetail that contained less than 4 characters in Seq No field are now zero-filled to 4 alphanumeric characters during conversion.
  3. Error 41 CI_CommonInvoiceSelection_ui.pvc 343 no longer occurs when selecting a large number of invoices in the Select Cash Receipts Invoices window then deselecting them.
  4. Salesperson Commission Report no longer shows duplicate Credit Memo line in Premium version.

Bank Reconciliation

  1. Bank Reconciliation Report no longer displays ###########, when Dep/Adj debit or credit amounts are 99,999,999.99 or less.
  2. Preview check box no longer blanks out in Bank Reconciliation Report window.
  3. TLS 1.2 support has been added for integration with Sage Banking Cloud.

Bill of Materials

  1. Costed Bill of Materials Report no longer returns “no data is selected” when a Bill has only Options and no components.
  2. BOM Inquiry Indented view now matches Indented BOM Report when a component line position has been moved in BOM Maintenance.
  3. Costed Bill of Materials report does not take a long time to display in Premium.

Business Insights

  1. Special Items are no longer missing from the History Invoice Items section of Business Insights Customer Invoice History View, History Orders View and Sales Order View.

Common Item

  1. .xlsx Memo Attachments now display when selecting view attachment in Memo Selection window.


  1. I/M Transaction Entry Tier Distribution UDF now validates from values in User-Defined Table.

Inventory Management

  1. Lot Serial Transaction History is now recalculated when Fiscal Year is changed.
  2. Inventory Detail Transaction report: Warehouse beginning Balance is now correct if received serial items in current month are distributed on many lines of 1 each and Print Lot/Serial Information is unselected.
  3. Quantity Committed on Cost Detail Tab is updated correctly after deleting the Lot Distribution in an Inventory Adjustment.
  4. Error: "Data is not selected for report printing" no longer occurs when printing Inventory Detail Transaction Report if Windows Short date format is set to yyyy-MM-dd

Job Cost

  1. Unbilled Time & Material lines no longer show on Job Billing invoice with $0.00. Unbilled Lines are now suppressed on Job Billing invoice.
  2. AR Sales Journal Update no longer hangs when Job Cost numbers are part of the update which have short sequence numbers being 3 digits (000) instead of the expected 4 (0000).
  3. Records in JC_JobTransactionDetail that contained less than 4 characters in Seq No field are now zero-filled to 4 alphanumeric characters during conversion.
  4. Job Cost Reports no longer require entry of division number in customer number field when not company is not using Divisions.
  5. Job Billing for Time & Material jobs with multiple subcontract records on the cost code are no longer marking all subcontract records for the cost code as billed even if the billed flag is unchecked.
  6. Daily Transaction Register no longer includes the WIP associated with the lines that were not selected for billing.
  7. Job Billing Register > G/L WIP Recap is no longer relieving the WIP associated with the lines that were not selected for billing.
  8. You are now allowed to select all applicable Cost Types in AP Open Invoice by Job Report.
  9. Negative amount entered in Job Posting Entry Cash Receipt now populates the Total field.
  10. WIP is no longer relieved when running the JC Billing Register Update for a Retention Invoice after the final billing.
  11. Retention Amount and Deferred Revenue are now being stored in JC_Job.m4t and JC_CostRetentionDetail.m4t with only 2 decimal places.
  12. Retention amount now shows as a negative amount for Cash Receipt Payment paying a Retention Balance and is no longer doubled on the Job Billing History Report.
  13. Error: "Missing Tax Class" no longer occurs in Job Billing Data Entry lines tab (Time and Material jobs) when making a change to a line and moving to the next line. Sales Tax Reporting is not
    checked in AR Options.
  14. Job Billing Adjustment is no longer posting Unbilled WIP currently on the job to the G/L during the update routine.
  15. Correct Retention amount now post to JC_CostRetentionDetail.m4t if multiple invoices with Retention are updated in a batch from JC, SO, or AR.
  16. The Tax Class field is now set to NT in the Job Billing Data Entry lines table (Time and Material jobs) when Sales Tax Reporting is not checked in AR Options.
  17. Error: "No data selected for report printing" no longer occurs when sorting by Customer and selecting customer from ALE lookup,when not using AR Divisions in the Job Transaction Detail Report.
  18. If one of the Keep Window Open After boxes are checked in Job Invoice Printing, you now need to click the 'Print Addt'l Documents' button to either print additional invoices or to get prompt to print Job Billing Register.
  19. Time & Material transaction with $0 unit cost now show Billed = Yes on the Job Transaction Detail report after updating the Job Billing Register.
  20. Error: “Record: J/Cxxx is missing from SY0CTL.SOA" followed by "Error 11 SWVDTE 0520" no longer occurs when accessing Job Cost Tasks when 'Restrict Accounting Date to Current and One Future Period' is enabled in Company Maintenance and 'Allow Accounting Date Beyond One Future Date' is unchecked for the users Role in Role Maintenance.
  21. Subcontractor Analysis Report is no longer missing Vendor Number selection in the Secondary Grid when Sorting Report by Vendor Number.
  22. Subcontractor Vendor Number now populates in Time & Material Job Billing Data Entry in Sage 100 Premium.
  23. JC_JobBillingHistory.m4t and JC_JobCostCodeHistory records are now removed for jobs deleted using JC/Utilities/Purge Job History.
  24. JC_JobBillingHistory.m4t and JC_JobCostCodeHistory records are now removed for jobs purged as part of period end processing.
  25. Job History Memos will now convert from non-framework to Business Framework.
  26. Job Billing Time & Material job is no longer combining Non-Billable Burden Hours into Billable Labor Hours when burden is calculated from the Payroll Labor Code.
  27. JC_RecalcJobEstimates_utl no longer causes Original Estimate in JC_Job to not match the Cost Code Detail Report Original Estimate.
  28. Utility to move memos for Job in Job History from JC_JobMemo table to JC_JobHistoryMemo table. For more information see JC_JobHistoryMemoFix_utl.pdf in the ..\mas90\utility folder on
    the Sage 100 Server.
  29. Utility to remove orphaned JC History records from subsidiary tables. To run this utility please review the document located ...\MAS90\Utility\JC_JobHistoryDataFix_utl.pdf.

Library Master

  1. Error: "Sorry, we are having trouble with that URL right now. Please try again later, or report it to our customer service team." no longer occurs when clicking on the MapQuest link in AR Customer.
  2. Primary Key for Providex.ddf record now displays in Data File Display and Maintenance when switching Key No from ByName to Primary Key in Sage 100 2019.
  3. Developer hooks have been added to autocomplete code to allow Development Partners to add override logic.
  4. Message "eInvoice Payments is required" no longer appears when modifying data upgraded from 4.50.
  5. Data File Display and Maintenance search now brings up the correct record.

Paperless Office

  1. Issue with conversion that populates PostingDate$ field in PL_JournalPDFLog has been corrected.
  2. The Installation Log can now be viewed in Paperless Office Advanced Options by selecting the button.


  1. Error 30 pr_checkprinting_ui.pvc 311 when opening Payroll Check Printing after copying PR Form Code from another company via Report Manager.

Purchase Order

  1. PO return order now only prints orders for the batches selected.
  2. Volume now prints on the Receipt of Goods Register when Allocate Freight on a Line Item Basis is set to Volume in PO Options.
  3. Purchase Order Entry, User (user logon that created entry) in upper right corner of the dialog is now populated when drilling down into task

Sales Order

  1. Error 20 SO_PICKINGSHEETPRINTING_UI.pvc 104 no longer occurs when accessing Sales Order Picking Sheet Printing.
  2. Sales Tax Amount is no longer removed from Sales Order Invoice Data Entry after navigating from the Lines Tab to Shipping Tab twice without making changes in Shipping Data Entry.
  3. Non taxable freight amount now displays in Invoice History Tax Detail (button)
  4. Job Cost Overhead Allocation is generated correctly when there is an exploded Inventory Sales Kit on the Sales Order Invoice.
  5. In Sales Order Entry, the Promise Date now changes when the Ship Date is entered on Header tab when Master Order is Converted from Quote.
  6. Now able to edit GL Account field in grid and use down arrow key to get same field on next line of grid when auto-complete is off.
  7. The message "Not all invoices have been printed." now displays while updating S/O Daily Sales Order Sales Journal when invoice is not printed.

Visual Integrator

  1. Error: "L.Record Invalid or Write Failed. is not on file." no longer occurs when importing into GL_TransactionJournalHeader.
  2. GL Transaction Journal Entry Account Number in Lines tab is no longer populated with Cash Account Number from Bank Code assigned to the field L.BankCode when importing into GL_TransactionJournalHeader and the imported L.AccountKey is invalid.
  3. Error: "You are not authorized to access import jobs in the PL module" no longer occurs when selecting any PL table in Visual Integrator Import or Export Job Maintenance in Sage 100 2018 and higher.
  4. Importing of Change Orders into JC_JobTransactionDetail is now allowed.
  5. Error: “The quantity packed does not match the quantity shipped for the following items” no longer occurs after accessing an entry in Shipping Data Entry that was imported into SO_InvoiceHeader and clicking Accept or Cancel.
  6. Lot/Serial Items that follow an invalid Lot/Serial Item no longer fail when importing adjustments into IM_TransactionHeader.
  7. Original & Revised Estimate and Projected Cost to Complete fields on Status tab in Job Maintenance are now updated after importing into JC_JobCostCodeDetail.


Written by Todd Martin on .

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